gotomyerp is a team of hosting providers offering a cloud-based platform for QuickBooks and Sage. Its flexible software allows easy access to all information among team members.

The secure cloud services include managed server hosting, private server hosting, application hosting, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and more. While having the most stable and consistent services in the industry, it delivers a quality solution with a highly responsive team. The team believes all businesses should be able to easily add secure cloud functionality to enhance their operations. The team works to get customers critical support the moment they needed it at affordable costs. They customize the services to fit the customer’s organization. When there is a need to scale, gotomyerp scales with you.

gotomyerp is one of the first companies to start providing cloud-based services back in 2005. It was challenging since this niche was so new and the business sector was largely unaware this service was available to them. Other than developing and implementing the software, they also had to educate business owners on this new option. Now, the cloud computing industry is valued at $371.4 billion, and it is projected to grow to $832.1 billion by 2025. Being industry pioneers, they are excited to see this growth and what it has brought to the company and clients. We are looking to strengthen our position as a leading hosting provider and leverage the business continuity that is not available with any other service. “Our ultimate goal is to provide proprietary technology to simplify the end-user experience,” says Robert Eppele, CEO & Co-Founder of gotomyerp.

gotomyerp is one of the first companies to start providing cloud-based services back in 2005.

Robert Eppele originally started the company in 2005, the same year the term “cloud computing” was first used in its modern context and saw a gap and potential in the market and decided to be one of the first ones to fill it. gotomyerp started as a small, yet dedicated team that got together to provide third-party erp solutions to clients. Over these 16 years, they have developed a deep understanding of how industry needs differ across various sectors and how differently the solutions need to be delivered.

Accessing tax software anywhere, anytime is probably the one thing that has been trending with the latest technological innovations. In the last couple of years, remote work has surged and thrived. With it comes the need for remote access to accounting software that is safe, reliable, and secure. The cloud hosting software is what makes gotomyerp. They are well known and versed in tax software hosting solutions like Quick- Books, Sage, etc. With all the native functionality that each tax software possesses, the team can deploy the solutions instantly for CPAs, Enrolled Agents, or book- keepers’ access to client information for preparation and filing requirements. By deploying in a decentralized manner, a firm can instantaneously expand and leverage talent from anywhere.

The team offers an incredible hosting service that extends the longevity of one’s investment in Quick- Books, Sage, MS Dynamics, and other critical systems you depend on. The team of gotomyerp can do this because they have experts in its team that help manage, maintain and support each erp system which enables them to increase the value while extending the investment made in educating staff, custom reports, third-party systems that have been supporting operations. Their customers depend on them to access their system every minute of every day. To that end, along with all the security that AWS provides, they have taken the extra effort to prove to their customers that they are audited as a service provider. Anyone can audit a 3rd party datacenter like AWS or Rackspace, but as of now, gotomyerp leads in this regard.

The pandemic brought on a new sense of urgency with cloud technology. To keep up to pace with the demand of cloud adoption, the team worked hard to keep up with clients as well. There is a constant need for better services and offerings, from the user interface to the user-end experience. They are always looking to simplify services for clients; to keep things simple and easy for them.

It’s a great, close and supportive atmosphere at gotomyerp. The team is tight-knit and constantly communicating with each other by doing monthly calls and life check-ins and trying to maintain an open and friendly work environment. Their employees are the biggest advocates and catalysts of their success as a company. Every gotomyerp team member is an expert in their niche, and everyone brings something valuable to the table. The skillset, talent, and motivation of workers are what has been keeping the company moving forward, sometimes challenging the way we operate.


gotomyerp team never stopped improving its organization; there is always room for growth. Keeping up with the constant fluctuation, changes, and advancements in technology and the sudden shift for remote work and a surge in online work environments the team strives to keep up with the ever-changing technological landscape, so the need for improvement never ends from user experience to user-interface and more. The team works to keep up with clients and stay ahead of the curve with them.


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