When selecting the Most Influential Companies of the year for 2020, Chosen Payments immediately became a front runner. Chosen Payments offers full-service merchant solutions for handling business transactions.

From ringing up the sale to receiving payment in the bank, Chosen Payments is a full-service merchant provider that uses a unique partnership approach with their merchants. Their customers are likely to be associated with an industry trade association and that is where the bulk of their clients come from. 


A Remarkable Journey

The concept of working with trade associations is the brainchild of Jeff Brodsly, the Founder and CEO of the company. During his high school days, Brodsly became involved in a business academy and his desire to become an entrepreneur began taking shape in his mind. He enjoyed helping others and that led to his desire to help others achieve success. It was while participating in that academy that Brodsly first coined the motto, Your Partner in Success. That motto would one day become the motto of Chosen Payments. The motto doesn’t simply apply to being “partners” with the thousands of merchants that process credit cards with Chosen Payments but also to the 150+ employees of Chosen Payments who are treated as partners rather than employees. Upon high school graduation, Brodsly enrolled in San Diego State University and majored in sociology. Brodsly admits the decision to major in sociology was based solely upon being the easiest program to earn a degree. Little did he know the information he would learn about the human mind in his psychology and sociology classes would help further define him as a revolutionary CEO.

Providing Innovative Solutions

Brodsly was quick to recognize that business owners want to conduct business from anywhere, at any time. To meet this need, Chosen Payments designed a custom mobile application that allows clients to manage their business from their smartphone. Chosen Payments is so intent on providing innovative solutions for their merchants, they created a department called The Solutions Architect department. It was here that the app was created that would allow merchants to capture a birds-eye view into the daily, weekly and monthly transactions processed, as well as processing transactions and communicating with the Chosen Payments team for support. This is just one technology solution that sets Chosen Payments apart from the competition. As a visionary, Brodsly embraces technology and delivers unique solutions and services to merchants that clearly push the company to the front of the pack in the credit card processing space. 

The Effects of Covid-19

Chosen Payments was quick to react to the COVID-19 pandemic and began offering special pricing and rebates for merchants who found themselves financially fragile. This isn’t the first time that Chosen Payments has stepped up during a crisis. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Chosen Payments organized a fundraiser to help merchants impacted by the storm. Saxton Funeral Home in Corpus Christi, a client of Chosen Payments was very grateful to be a recipient of the effort. The funeral home had their roof ripped off during the storm and Chosen Payments sent a check to provide some relief. Brodsly’s philosophy of, “We are all in this together” was one that has been practiced and preached long before it became a common phrase during the pandemic. Brodsly says, “We need each other more than any time before. Let’s try to help each other and stand together united”. This is the type of action that Chosen Payments takes great pride in.

Embracing Technology

Chosen Payments embraces technology and delivers unique solutions and services to merchants. Every merchant is assigned to an Account Executive who learns how a merchant conducts business, their pain points, the areas they seek to improve and how transactions are handled. The Account Executive presents offerings that are likely to include customized point-of-sale integrations, offering their own gateway integration kits for software integration with any virtually any software package, contactless payment solutions and gift card and loyalty programs. In addition to their mobile app, an easy-to-use desktop dashboard allows merchants to view submissions, view and address chargebacks and monitor refunds and credits leaving their bank account. Utilizing custom built automation tools, the process of staying in touch with merchants and their respective trade associations has been streamlined to maintain constant communications. Account Executives meet face-to-face with their merchants at industry trade shows that are usually sponsored by Chosen Payments. The Face-to-face interaction creates deep relationships.

An Award-Winning Company

Since the birth of Chosen Payments, the company has consistently received recognition from both within the credit card processing space as well as from industry trade associations that endorse and partner with Chosen Payments to serve the processing needs of their membership. The rapid growth of Chosen Payments combined with the delivery of high-end technology solutions has drawn much interest in the company and resulted in their inclusion in many magazine articles as well as being featured on FOX and CBS News. Chosen Payments holds board seats on seven different vertical industry trade associations in a nod to the business expertise that Brodsly and his team bring to the table. Brodsly was named one of the Top 40 Executives Under Forty in the merchant services industry by Discover Card. Brodsly attributes the success of Chosen Payments to its commitment to technology and the company’s dedication to merchants that extends far beyond simply processing credit cards for them.

The Future Looks Bright

Despite being in the midst of pandemic, Chosen Payments plans to continue to carefully expand its services into select vertical markets and continue opening new offices across the country to facilitate personal interaction with clients on a regional and even local basis. The company opened their newest Sales & Support office in September. Located in Grand Haven, Michigan, the new office is an obvious sign that COVID-19 has not interfered with continued growth plans. Chosen Payments is set for the next level of play at competitively low costs.


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