Cavisson System Inc. operating since 2011, with software solutions for  Application  Performance  Engineering. “Cavisson is a silicon valley based software Product Company that creates and sells software solutions for performance checking,   monitoring,   and diagnostics of applications. To boost sales and profitability, world-leading brands utilize their technologies to ensure optimum quality, efficiency, and availability of their mission-critical applications. They are used across numerous industry verticals like Financial Services,  Healthcare,  Government,  Retail and e-commerce, Technology, Networking, and Services, etc.,” said Anil Kumar, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer of Cavisson.

Since the beginning of their careers, the founders of Cavisson have been in the performance domain and are exposed to various innovations and methodologies. They have worked closely with end-users and have been power users themselves. The failures found in technology motivated them to build and implement solutions that would revolutionize the entire engineering space’s efficiency. The idea was to focus on user experience as the primary performance derivative and develop a solution that would help enhance the experience of the user and gain business benefit from resolving the challenges across all software covering online customer experience, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, infrastructure, network, applications, databases, and logs.

Cavisson is a leading full-stack software provider of application performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics technology. We work closely with some of the world’s leading brands to enable revenue growth and protability by ensuring maximum quality performance and availability of their mission-critical applications. We also enable exceptional user/buying experience on these applications for enterprises to convert their customers into fans.

An organization must be structured to be competitive in business and receive one of the best companies’ status. One of the primary areas to focus on, for a growing company, is to complete tasks on time and be ahead in terms of things to be done. Since Cavisson System was strategically based as a starting point on large companies, it often ran into existing solutions. It had to explain its unique value proposition very clearly with convincing abilities to substitute those solutions. So far, the business has seen growth through word of mouth. In most cases, enterprises had problems, and current solutions could not solve their pressure points. There is now major marketing and distribution strategy/planning, working to scale broadly with the world’s top tier SIs.

But to become one of the 50 best companies, there are also other points to take care of. Keeping a comprehensive record offers a simple update on the business, and taking calculated risks helps the company grow and produce tremendous rewards. Another important criterion is to stay focused and, last but not least, never compromise and be consistent with your service, no matter what it is. In the performance engineering space that no other company offers today, Cavisson has built an end-to-end, full-stack offering. Its current service is divided into two domains: Testing & Diagnostics & Monitoring. In addition to enhanced business efficiency, the organization ensures optimum availability & reliability of mission-critical systems & applications-high revenue and low operating costs.

Cavisson was often ahead of its time and understood how the primary driver for revenue growth and operating efficiencies is the user/customer experience. Therefore, it is essential that the organization focuses its developments in technology & technologies on customer service and business criteria that directly impact sales & operating costs. “This immediately resonates with customers. We ensure that quality and performance are in the DNA of any system or application right from the dev or pre-pod environment,” Anil added. After months of research and evaluating over hundreds of fastest-growing technology companies, Cavisson Systems Inc. has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Companies based on its services and business plans.

Utilizing advanced cross-discipline simulation techniques from Cavisson, customers can validate their applications with actual production-like scenarios and repeatable results to ensure optimal efficiency once the application goes live. Cavisson pioneered this idea & it was called InternetTrueTM technology. Whenever there’s a problem in output, Cavisson also provides a quick, single-click root cause analysis. This is accomplished by combining a proprietary big data engine that collects data from all sections of enterprise services and many high-performance computing algorithms that, in real-time, perform complex data computations. In turn, this is paired with tailored machine learning algorithms to evaluate patterns to identify anomalies and is referred to as the Key DataTM technology.

The product suite of Cavisson assists organizations in the development of these performance assessments that represent real-life situations. It provides a real-life measure of the customer experience through highly realistic load model emulations and various vital parameters that affect traffic behavior, precise production transactions, network and bandwidth constraints, and user behavioral patterns, such as click-away & reloads, among others, when reaction times are slow. Cavisson products, NetDiagnostics, NetVision & NetForest, are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other to offer a 360-degree e view of an enterprise and customer & user monitoring.


Customers face challenges with high costs per test, limited storage, server capacity, hardware management, and production environment issues. To decrease the total cost of ownership for quality and performance testing, they must rely on third-party back-end or production systems. Cavisson’s recognizes its customers’ perspectives by ensuring the system that manages anticipated user load and response time faced by the actual user under service level agreements. It also provides the system’s usability by stress testing to recognize ability limits, overload behavior, optimize essential components and eliminate bottlenecks by performing performance analysis. The business focuses on its technical advances and customer service improvements and business metrics that directly influence sales and operating costs.

Catering to a wide range of clientele, they serve the leading brands across numerous industries, and all of their customers are leaders in their respective domains. The founder envisaged many plans to develop the company, and they are expanding to new geographies and new segments. They are also growing through new channels – partnerships and alliances to reach out to those geographies and audience segments. The company has created a distribution and reseller network that is extending out as per their capabilities. Also, Cavisson invests a significant amount of time and money into R&D to stay ahead of their competition.


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