The rapid growth of technological innovation in the fields of AI, cloud computing,  and machine learning has caused massive disruption across every vertical industry, wealth management included, leading to increasing demand for innovative solutions in the market. To adhere to this situation, organizations need to,  not only be aware of various advancements happening in the field but also choose the right technology solution to achieve better services to their customers.

To help Investment Management companies of any size to provide the best possible services for their customers.Together we are building a Wealthy World.

To fight this situation, wealth management organizations are now incorporating technology and services to allow investors to develop a calculated and systematic business module by implementing proper financial strategies. Wealth managers include overall management of the financial planning, multi-family offices, investment portfolio management, and other financial services targeted towards high net worth individuals to manage wealth efficiently and realize their strategic goals. Moreover, proper wealth planning helps create a deep understanding of economic uncertainties, resulting in eliminating the unnecessary financial burden.

Thus, BRITech was established to help organizations bring forth out-of-the-box software, infrastructure, and professional services to reinvigorate the investment management ecosystem and help its clients in steering ahead of market peers. In its initial days, BRITech addressed the needs of broker-dealers but after R&D investments, the company reached asset and wealth managers, financial advisors, single & multi-family offices, private banking, and fund administrators along with some established Fintech firms.

BRITech offers a cloud-based investment management platform to maximize operational efficiency and enhance the scalability with its pure SaaS approach and expertise in serving the entire investment management environment. The company’s platform is built using state-of-the-art micro-services that are cloud-based to assist SMEs in exploring technological depths and helping big financial firms automate manual processes to improve their economic viability.

To ensure superior investment management across its vast and versatile clientele, BRITech’s solution is built with seven modules that include Client Portal & Dashboards, CRM, Billing & Invoices, Portfolio Management System (PMS), Front & Rebalancing, Risk Management, and API. The Client Portal, the base for all client reports, provides a very flexible and configurable dashboard engine. The CRM offers an embedded CRM module along with a robust client onboarding component that includes the client’s master file, which is used to include desks, appointments and lead management. The billing module governs the management and performance fees based on the type of customer business and the PMS, a possible engine for all portfolio accounting requirements, offers a portfolio- modelling feature to balance client needs and services.

The company also offers complementary services to ensure the optimal utilization of its SaaS product and its ‘wealth management as a service’ approach leverages innovative tools to increase the speed of implementation.

BRITech mission state is “To help Investment Management companies of any size to provide the best possible services for their customers. Together we’re building a Wealthy World”.

Being a customer-centric company, BRITech ensures customer satisfaction by providing a platform for their specific needs. Founded in 2012, with franchisees around the world and offices in 8 cities. The company has witnessed radical growth over the last years, and conquering over 240 customers across Latin America, Spain, Belgium and United States, aiming to grow even more rapidly in the future.


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