Black Box (NASDAQ:BBOX), the trusted digital partner for global connectivity solutions and technology expertise, today introduced Coalesce Meeting Place Edition (MPE), a that allows users to simultaneously access and share ideas, content and presentations wirelessly from any network. Coalesce boasts features and benefits that make it a must-have solution for conference rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms and more. With intuitive reach-through control, the system enables users to manage their devices from the main touch-screen display, while an embedded media player makes it easy to upload and play video and audio in seconds. At just $695, Coalesce Meeting Place Edition is also more affordable than any similar product on the market.

Coalesce Meeting Place Edition supports both wired and wireless connectivity simultaneously, enabling local and remote meeting participation. The system connects a user’s laptop, tablet or smartphone via Windows client, Chrome web browser, Apple Airplay or Android/iOS apps. The Chrome and Apple functionality makes the new Coalesce especially helpful in educational settings where Chromebooks and iPads are often used.

With Coalesce, meeting participants can share any kind of content, including documents, images, videos and apps. Users can reach through to control their devices directly from a touch-screen display to sketch ideas, annotate and brainstorm in real time. To ensure security, the system features best-in-class 2048-bit asymmetric encryption and a 256-bit symmetric session key, as well as optional PINs for system access.

“The next-generation of the Coalesce line is an intuitive, cost-effective wireless presentation platform that will enhance collaboration for businesses and schools alike,” said Tom Strade, Black Box Vice President of Product Innovation and Marketing. “The product complements our existing suite of conference room solutions, including presentation switchers, video wall processors, room scheduling and digital signage.”


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