As the government lockdown took place around the globe amidst the coronavirus pandemic, employees now have to know how to work from home without hampering productivity. Indeed, these are unprecedented times as the covid-19 pandemic is pushing companies to allow workers to operate from home. Work from home can be a struggle, but luckily, technology has made it more comfortable. Whether it’s video conferencing, file sharing, calendar tracking, there is the best WFH apps to allow Work from Home in Covid-19.

Listed below are best WFH apps that will ease Work from Home in Covid-19 :

Basecamp 3: The Basecamp 3 is social software that can be useful for those who work from home. It includes a message board, chat room, and a file organizer. The app has a free but restricted version and a premium $99 a month edition that provides access to the entire app has to offer.

Zoom: Another popular video conferencing app is Zoom, which enables instant messaging between screens and cross-platforms. Free for download, you can invite up to 100 people to a videoconference on this app.

Microsoft Teams: Document sharing, chatting with friends, video messaging, access to Microsoft Office 365 — Teams is Microsoft’s one-stop collaboration shop, all you would need is to pay Microsoft 365 subscription fee to use it. Organizations around the globe do this on a regular basis, and it’s very convenient for those operating from home.

G-Suite Apps: Google’s applications are among the most commonly used apps worldwide. Apps such as Notes, Hangouts, and Drive will make collaboration and file sharing a lot easier for productivity. Google has also made for the time being the paid versions — for companies — of all those applications free.

Slack: Slack is one of the best WFH apps for messaging, sharing, and editing documents used by companies that can be used across devices. Like most other collaboration software, plans are available for both paid and free.

Trello: Trello is another widely-used collaboration tool. The software will help coordinate to-do lists, and activities use different boards to build. It’s also perfect for communicating with various team members.

Dropbox: An accessible and simple file sharing application that can come in handy from home while working.

Noisili: Although you have no choice but to be focused entirely in an office room, you can slack yourself off at home. Noisili is an application that generates ambient sounds to help you concentrate on such a scenario. This even drowns out the sounds and allows you to focus correctly.

Harvest: This software also comes in handy for monitoring time and recording expenses. Using this app, you can handle invoices too. The app lets you picture receipts and keep track of expenditures. One can also track and stay up-to-date on the time colleagues spend on other tasks.

Doodle: One can create surveys, invite others to take part in them, and gain input on any particular topic/project. Doodle is an excellent app for colleagues to get instant reviews, and it is one of the best WFH apps.

Smartsheet: Smartsheet is a cloud-based application that empowers teams and organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and monitor the work in a single environment throughout the enterprise. It is used to delegate tasks, monitor project progress, manage schedules, exchange documents, and handle other work using a tabular user interface.


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