Technology has long graduated from being an optional tool to an integral part of businesses helping them run their operations as efficiently as possible. Progressing by leaps and bounds Information Technology has become the backbone to survive market competition. Keeping in mind the growing demand for business IT support services, companies are transitioning towards offering IT services. But with the ever-changing business landscape, technology brings about unprecedented challenges.

VisionSoft is born to address the key challenges in industries with complexity of Cyber Security, Governance Risk and Compliance, Big Data, HANA Solutions, Cloud Man- aged Services, and Digitization. With over 13 years of experience in the business, VisionSoft has made it their mission to simplify the transformational landscape and offer end-to-end IT services with risk-free execution and high performance. Anji Reddy, CEO of VisionSoft was with the CEOViews team to share details about how they are driving value to their clients’ businesses.

CEOViews: VisionSoft specializes in GRC, Security, Master Data Services (MDS), and S/4 HANA migration, implementation, and integration for a number of industries. How did it all begin? What was your mission at the outset?

Anji Reddy: VisionSoft is born to address key challenges in your industry with the complexity of Big Data, HANA Solutions, Cloud Managed Services, and Digitalization. Our mission is to simplify the transformation landscape and offer end-to-end IT services with risk-free execution and high performance. Our goal is for you to focus on your core business while leaving your IT and transformation needs

We offer a compelling blend of sustained credibility, and historical success, with a vision and thought leadership to take your business to the next level of performance. Businesses are enhanced by maximizing workflow giving employees easy access to real-time insights across the enterprise. Hence, businesses can accelerate their workflow efficiently and gradually leading to greater profits. In addition, we offer services in SAP BTP, Rise Solution focusing on cloud, Salesforce, and Microsoft Solutions.

CEOViews: VisionSoft has been recognised as the ‘Top 5 Microsoft Solution Providers 2023’. How was your journey so far?

Anji Reddy: VisionSoft has been in the industry for more than 13 years serving the business and its clients. Only a few audiences had the knowledge of VisionSoft which was a hurdle to pass sooner or later. Its own accomplishments and awards have gained its place in the market. As per the name, we had only one vision to expand the business in a steady manner.

VisionSoft was established in the year 2007 with quite limited staff and with an office in Princeton, New Jersey with loyal and hardworking staff who worked with utmost determination and zeal. After uncountable hours of hard work, today, VisionSoft has a global footprint with a presence in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America boasting 200 people across the globe with 5 innovations and Disruptive technologies including AI, HANELytics and RPA.

CEOViews: What type of creative and innovative solutions does your firm provide?

Anji Reddy: We offer solutions and consulting services in the Microsoft suite of products including Office 365, Power BI, Microsoft AX, MuleSoft, Web Development, Web Designing, Azure stack, Snowflake, and Application Development. We thrive in the digitization of an Enterprise, Mobile computing, and shifting people engagement from sheer transactions to building an Intelligent Enterprise with our tools and solutions.

CEOViews: What does it take to be a Microsoft-certified Partner in Microsoft AX, Power BI, Power Apps, and Office 365 areas? How do you maintain this legacy?

Anji Reddy: We have a team of certified Microsoft software developers with vast experience and knowledge of the latest tools, frameworks, and platforms and hands-on experience with projects to deliver robust software solutions on time. VisionSoft also has a continuous stream of delivery projects in the Microsoft technology space to maximize client investments in Microsoft Products like SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform and prove the delivery in Microsoft. Our motto is to deliver cost-effective & quality solutions that enable our clients to remain competitive and increase value for their businesses and customers. The above capabilities continue to keep us ahead of the competition and maintain our legacy.


CEOViews: How does your firm manage to address key challenges of the industry?

Anji Reddy: A company faces numerous challenges when they begin as a start-up, every business no matter big-scale industry or small-scale industry has strived hard for new projects and execution towards the clients’ needs. As it is said a successful business is a business that provides all the clients and employees value in some form or another, has a dominant strategy, with clear vision. VisionSoft drives with the same motto and had faced quite a few obstacles during the initial days, but it has been determined with an aim to expand the business. One of the biggest challenges has been to identify the target market and customers. Our hard-working and focused employees have been a boon to the company working for long hours and amending new ideas for the growth of the business. The employees have built a solid foundation for the company to stand out from the rest with a gradual but persistent positive effect on the services that we provide.

CEOViews: How do you manage to deliver cost-effective & quality solutions?

Anji Reddy: We specialize in helping businesses of varying sizes realize their full potential by transforming their systems landscape, simplifying their process footprint, and by streamlining workflows. By leveraging the expertise of our diverse team of highly qualified SMEs and industry leaders, we evaluate & analyse their organizations before implementing the strategies that are most befitting to their needs. Not only does this approach amplify the productivity of the overall organization, but it also optimizes the costs considerably and paves the way forward for business model by predicting future market trends.

We also have Quality Assurance managers, who checks our project delivery is on track and calibrate as necessary to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions. Our delivery centres across the globe are defined by quality, quality and quality. We run numerous quality programs with our employees & associates to ensure they are up to date with the quality circles, Six sigma standards, and excel in every task they do.

CEOViews: How do you measure your firm’s growth and success?

Anji Reddy: Our firm’s growth and success are measured by how many happy clients we are nurturing every day, how many new client Logos we add every year, customer satisfaction levels, our footprint in various markets, and our contributions to community development while keeping our employees under our crown.

Lately, major companies are migrating their IT infrastructure and business applications to the cloud and digital platforms such as S/4 Platform and We believe that it will see a significant uptick in demand for its products and services in the next couple of years. The company sees its products and services thriving S/4 HANA economy globally with a focus on S/4 HANA, Greenfield Implementations, S/4 HANA Migrations, and customer digitization with SAP, Salesforce, and Hybris capabilities, and by leveraging its foundational Data and Compliance platforms. Also, in the next 2 decades, VisionSoft sees the potential of $3 billion revenue opportunity in the market.

CEOViews: What differentiates VisionSoft from other peers in the industry?

Anji Reddy: VisionSoft values our client pain points and develops a unique IP and solutions to address the client needs. Our unique IP and Solutions are our differentia- tors specializing in few industry verticals such as Pharma, Consumer Products, Jewellery, Mining, Oil and Gas, Public Sector, Cements, Utilities and Industrial Mfg. Further, both client pleasure and financial success are critical for our success in the market. So, offering services helps clients’ tasks become easier and roughly cuts their expenditures in half, which increases the profit margin by 50%. Also, VisionSoft finds a mean to gradually update each product and believe in growing with time.

CEOViews: What are your future visions for expanding the firm’s growth?

Anji Reddy: Our future vision is to serve every mid-size business across the globe with SAP HANA, BTP, Micro- soft, and Salesforce solutions and add compelling value to their businesses while executing consulting engagements for large enterprises. We envision our company to become the best ERP solutions provider agnostic to size, industry and geographical markets.

VisionSoft strived hard during the pandemic but they mastered the skills driving the organization to thwart market competition. The company wants to keep their focus glued to the constant upgradation and continue to conduct their business and rebound for the future.



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