American Data Plates, Inc. has given exceptional quality beyond expectations to customers for over 26 years. The organization is specialized in making products compliant with various agencies and providing instruction to end-user/consumer-facing products. With the facility of versatile equipment, products delivered by American Data Plates are manufactured with a zero-tolerance rejection level from drawings to finished products. The organization expertise’s in making data plates with the need of UID’s, identification plates, placards, and labels to other products that may require Metalphoto, screenprint, UV print, or simply large format print Customized data plates are built exactly as per clients’ specifications. Data plates communicate special information for the use and maintenance of equipment and other items for companies across the world. These plates are vital for use of the equipment, tracking, or safety information and need to be readable for as long as the equipment is in use. “Taking this idea was a complex process at first but then got much easier after understanding the processes to ensure we come out with an exceptional quality product. Making sure to purchase all of the correct machinery and have our employees trained properly was just another step into evolving from idea to reality” says Tammy Frazier, CEO, American Data Plates Inc.

With its technical capacity and highly skilled staff, the company produces parts that are unsurpassed in their performance, durability, and high quality. Adhering to the highest standards of excellence and a zero-tolerance rejection policy made its customers rely on its professionalism, product quality, and promptness. Additionally, the company’s experienced staff stays informed about new compliance requirements for manufactured parts. These seem to be the axis of operation of American Data Plates Inc. for yielding standard professional results.

American Data Plates Inc. has been recognized as one of the 50 Admired Companies. The journey was slow initially but then looking at the exceptional products and services delivered, the word started to spread. Like every other company, American Data Plates Inc. also has had its ups and downs, but it had bounced back and made even better products and services for its clients. The main focus of the company is to produce an exceptional quality product beyond expectations that its clients will envy and return for repeat products. They provide their clients with peace of mind that the plates are of unmatched quality and made to perfection through many inspections throughout the start to finish process. Many new companies are reaching out to them every year inquiring about their products and for placement of orders.

The most important challenge is to consider the right material for the production of data plates. If the equipment, aircraft, or machinery is exposed to harsh elements or chemicals then the material should be made of metal or flexible material. The majority of the data plates produced by American Date Plates Inc. are made of aluminum. Every data plate produced is strictly based on the specifications of the client. The diagram of the design is always sent to the client for approval before production to ensure perfectness. Any challenge met during production is addressed on time by making sure to communicate with its team members and execute a solution. It is then taken to the client and the situation is explained to them by giving a few options to produce the best product for them.

The advancement in this industry in terms of technology helps in the betterment of the standards. American Data Plates Inc. makes sure all of its programs are fully updated every year and employees are trained with every new system that is updated or created. Regular monthly meetings are scheduled to let its employees know if there are updates to any new training programs and processes. American Data Plates Inc. provides a variety of different and unique processes that each company can choose from to have a quality product. The organization takes pride in its motto to make sure the products made are durable and lasts long as per the client’s requirement and satisfaction.


American Data Plates Inc. has worked with several industries of various sizes. One of its clients was in a situation where they needed their data plates to be able to resist extreme heat. As these are created mostly with its aluminum data plates, it was able to utilize a different process apart from its photosensitive metal which is used on 80% of the products retained for using laser marked aluminum to have the identical look and feel. The process gives the product extreme heat resistance on the marked metal so that it holds the longevity of the product.

The company is always looking for technological advances in all its current processes and is constantly developing. Those that do not believe in moving forward with technology will be left behind with a dark future that will be difficult to bring to light. As for geographical expansion, the company is U.S. based, and will only expand throughout the country if the need arises as it has had no situations that required the thought of expanding beyond the present location.

The focal point of American Data Plates Inc. is as simple as its tagline “Strategic Precision”. The process from a purchase order, to procurement, planning, manufacturing, quality assurance, packaging, and shipping, American Data Plates, Inc. provides a Zero-Tolerance rejection rate that is measured throughout the entire ordering process. American Data Plates, Inc. takes pride in manufacturing the very best products for its customers.


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