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Synack: Ensuring a Secure Environment with a Robust Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform

Cybersecurity is a very pertinent aspect of any business and cannot be overlooked lest risk crippling the company from a

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CloudGenix: Application-Centric WAN For Better Business Operations

Business wide-area networks (WANs) have undergone a critical shift in the past decade with the onset of cloud computing and

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First Tek: Delivering Innovative, Customized Technology Solutions for Diversified Industries

To succeed in the complex world of technology, you need exceptional connections – to the right experts, the right opportunities

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CallApp: Advanced analytics enhancing communication experiences

CallApp is transforming the mobile communication experience with Universal Caller ID & Communication ID, Smart Spam Filter and Call Blocking,

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Allied Wallet: Comprehensive Digital Payment Solution Ensuring Smooth Shopping Experience

The ecommerce sector is gaining quite the momentum across the globe with customers being more at ease at purchasing items

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Is Defense-in-Depth the Solution for Comprehensive “Zero-Trust” Security? Not So Much.

Defense-in-depth reminds me of the stories I grew up hearing from my grandmother about how kings and queens would protect

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Modernizing the real estate industry with digital technology

When it comes to brick-and-mortar industries, real estate is one of the longest standing examples. The industry is rooted in

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Vivial: Industry-Leading Martech Company offers Robust Marketing Platform for Businesses

Vivial is the only marketing provider in the industry to offer a robust and proprietary online, mobile and social media

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Tyromer Inc. : Pioneer Largescale Devulcanization Technology Gives New Life to Old Tires

It is not common to name a young company a “Top 10 Most Valuable Company”. CEO Views chose Tyromer for

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Stratus Interoperable: Efficiently Streamlining Data Management with Revolutionary Advanced Healthcare Analytics

In a bid to contribute towards the evolution of the healthcare domain, New York headquartered Stratus Interoperable assists healthcare organizations

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Integral Consulting: Fighting Crime with Cutting-edge Biometric Technologies

Biometric systems have begun to increasingly play a key role in the identification of individuals and can be leveraged to

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DXI: Conversion Rate Optimization SAS Tool Jumpstarts Business Conversions

DXI (Digital Experience Index). is a company that aims to boost CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization for businesses. Conversion means

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CyberInt: Assuring Impenetrable Security with Novel Cybersecurity System

With digital transformation taking over, the need for a fool-proof cybersecurity system is of the essence. Enterprises are witnessing an

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TAS Energy: Deploying Cost Effective and Energy Efficient Modular Data Centers

As we see it, the global data center industry is at the cusp of a technological revolution. Several conducted research

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Blockchain technology for better, safer, smarter Cities

Today, about 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, but this share is expected to increase to 68%

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