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ehotel AG: Next Generation Hotel Booking Platform

ehotel AG has been offering outstanding service for private and corporate clients in the hotel sector for almost two decades

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Dynamic Bending: Contract Manufacturing for Industries of All Sizes

With 17 years of contract manufacturing experience in skincare, personal care and oral care industry, Jordan Erskine, President & Co-Founder

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AP-Networks: For the Next-Gen Energy and Petrochemical Industry

Established in 2000, Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) develops advanced software and consulting solutions for the energy and petrochemical industries. Brett

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KERUBIEL: Confiscate Security Risks Right From the Root

In recent years, information and data security have become one of the most discussed topics. The adoption and application of

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Knowledge Hub Media: Demand Generation for Today’s Targeted Campaigns

Working with a B2B focused company that specialized in lead generation services, played a primary factor in Paul Guenther, Corporate

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Zebu: Because Data Security Saves Jobs and Protects Reputation

“Its boggles my mind that sending a letter in the mail is safer and more private than sending an e-mail

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Taxback International: Helping Organizations Maximize VAT Reclaim

Taxback International combines innovative technology, deep industry expertise and value-added partnerships to deliver comprehensive VAT solutions that maximize VAT reclaim

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KERUBIEL: Modern Age Data Protection Solution

With experience in IT and information security, Laszlo Gyorgy Dellei, CEO, KERUBIEL, witnessed the mounting convention of both industries in

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Becloud: Mitigating Risk Through Advanced Technologies

As various industries have evolved to embrace the rapid pace of technological change and realize the myriad of benefits ranging

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Smart Humans with Smart Machines will do the unimaginable

We are already in the era of Smart Machines. Today, you will find at least twice or thrice the number

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AI in Construction

Construction is one of the slowest adopters of AI technologies, yet it's one that will be completely transformed by AI

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The A in AI Stands for Assisted

AI is a powerful paradigm that cannot be ignored; it will reshape industries and enterprises around the globe. McKinsey estimates

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AI: Getting Down to Business

Not a day goes by in the C-suite where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not mentioned. AI is top of mind

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Looking to the future of computer vision

According to PWC AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 and AI adoption is

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Leveraging Voice Assistance Service to Organizations of All Sizes : speak2web

The advancement in life that has been brought about by the growth in technology is and will be a topic

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