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Data Science and AI: Rebuild your Ground for Real Business Gains

In the next two decades, the way we live and work will be transformed by data science, machine learning –

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The Rise and Rise of Big Data Analytics

Rise of Big Data has been one of those tech trends which has constantly elevated in terms of growth and

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Understanding Big Data in Healthcare

Big data is no longer a speculation of things to come, but integral to almost every aspect of every business

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The new 4 Ps of Data Driven Marketing

On the 200th birth anniversary year of Karl Marx I dare to take little inspiration from his theory of Dialectical

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The Worst Data Breaches of Recent Years

A data breaches is an event whereby information is extracted from a structure without having the approval or learning regarding

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Importance of Strong and Secure Passwords

Hackers getting the unauthentic access is a significant issue for any individual who utilizes a PC or innovative gadgets, for

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Secucloud: Building the Security Paradigm

There is no surprise that cloud has taken over the technology industry by storm. Not only are organisations relishing in

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Hortonworks: Security, Through the Lense of Data Science

If you are a business leader, you are well aware that the challenges of information security have never been more

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Duo Security: Establishing Trust Amid Constantly Advancing Threats

Organizations today are grappling with the challenge to protect sensitive data within and outside their traditional corporate network. According to

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Current Trends in Security domain

Growing challenges Assumption that our webs, networks, software, and hardware can be protected is disillusionment. Smart trends are really worrisome

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Deutsche Bank has acquired Mumbai-based startup Quantiguous Solutions

As a major aspect of the obtaining, Deutsche Bank will assume control over all workers of Quantiguous, who will join

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Traditional banks can be the ‘trusted face’ of fintech and online finance firms

Customary banks see online installment and money related administrations suppliers as their greatest danger, yet they can in any case

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Allianz Suisse to acquire DAS Switzerland

Allianz Group agrees to buy legal protection insurance subsidiary DAS Switzerland and assets of DAS Luxembourg and Slovakia from ERGO

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Oracle Cloud Platform Now Validated for India Stack

ORACLE OPENWORLD — Oracle today announced that the Oracle Cloud Platform has been validated to develop applications using India Stack

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Oracle and AT&T Enter into Strategic Agreement

Oracle today announced that AT&T signed an agreement to move thousands of its large scale internal databases to Oracle’s Cloud

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