Anticipation from DevOps in 2021 and Near Future

DevOps is the integration of teams for development and operations. DevOps allows formerly siloed roles like development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security as an organizational method. It helps to coordinate and work together for better, more efficient products and services. This emerging market practice enables applications to be built faster and current deployments to be managed easier. 

The year 2020 has launched several developments and improvements in the space of DevOps. According to Statista, the adoption of DevOps practices across organizations grew 17 percent in 2018 compared to 10 percent in 2017. Research from Grand View Research predicts that by 2025, the DevOps market will hit US$12.85 billion.

Why Does DevOps Matter?

The embrace of the DevOps culture with unprecedented DevOps activities and tools enables companies to meet their clients’ needs efficiently. They can also become more profitable for greater consumer loyalty and business goals to develop better products faster. DevOps adoption is growing, and DevOps’ adoption is driven by factors like enterprise spending on software-driven innovation. The adoption of microservice-based architectures and related development methodologies and increased investment by CTOs and CEOs are enhanced. 

Benefits of DevOps include:

  • Efficiency maximization with automation
  • Improving speed and reliability in the development and deployment of software
  • Expedition of time to market 
  • Elevated collaboration between teams
  • Enabling more incredible experiences with consumers
  • Optimizing an entire business 

DevOps in 2021 and even beyond

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last few months have been very complicated for both individuals and companies. It has triggered millions of lives and economic instability worldwide. Undoubtedly, the year was full of uncertainties and unforeseen progress. Nevertheless, business leaders and luminaries expect the future to be bright for companies and bring more significant opportunities. 

Enhanced DevOps Adoption in the Digital Age

DevOps will gain rapid momentum in 2021 as companies are likely to switch to digitization worldwide. It will continue to contribute to digital supremacy for companies. DevOps teams can provide digital services to clients and stakeholders within an organization. They involve individuals, improvements in process, and culture. Decision-makers need a cultural and creative mentality to get started with a good DevOps practice that brings greater collaboration between various teams.

Development of Infrastructure Automation Tools

DevOps must leverage the right tool to enable rapid application delivery. Infrastructure automation tools will allow teams to automate IT infrastructure delivery, configuration, and management on a large scale and with excellent reliability. These tools can provide them with many benefits. It includes orchestration of multi-and hybrid cloud infrastructure, support for immutable and programmable infrastructure, efficient provision of resources, and ease of experimentation. 

DevOps Becomes BizDevOps

During the coming years, DevOps will become BizDevOps. The more significant objective would make the agile enterprise as DevOps bridges the gap between growth and operations. Besides, companies will see a steady growth of BizDevOps in 2021. It will be used by businesses aiming to become more agile, focused, and lean-to turns into complete digitalization. Companies will be able to streamline business innovation while reducing risks with the right BizDevOps tools. 

Growth of DevSecOps for DevOps

Security is an essential aspect of DevOps practices as developers require better security and productivity results for their applications. To safeguard assets, they will need new tools and processes, expecting an extensive adoption of DevSecOps in years to come. DevSecOps is the fusion of security and compliance monitoring into development pipelines, providing stakeholders with safe and transparent results, and runtime security protection. 


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