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N8 Identity: Increasing Business Agility with AI-powered IDaaS Governance Solution

Jay O’Donnell, CEO
Research has forecasted that the identity and access management market will reach $20 billion by 2024, an analysis conducted by MarketWatch. Despite this market projecting tremendous growth, the predominant challenge businesses face is that most traditional identity governance products from major vendors are toolkits,...

Mako Medical: Using community-centric innovations to disrupt the healthcare industry

Mako Medical
While there have been massive improvements in technology and innovation in the healthcare industry, there are still countless problems left unsolved. Many patients and private practices have difficulty navigating through the healthcare process. Practitioners grapple with the problems of accountability. In most cases, there...

EZswitch: For Transparency in Retail Energy Business

Phil Oakman, Daniel Zhu, EZswitch
Transparency, advanced consumer experience and loyalty – these form the core of the success of any organization. But unfortunately, in Australia, and globally, there is a lack of transparency, primarily in the retail energy, lending and insurance markets. To increase the profit margin, many...

Parkar Consulting: Reinventing the Enterprise Engineering with Microservices Architecture and AIOps

Gaurav Singh, CEO, Parkar Consulting
Over the past decade, businesses are increasingly demanding for flexibility, agility and scalability to meet their evolving business needs with a compulsive need for a faster and efficient delivery of software. This is where Microservices comes into the IT landscape. When Microservices & NoOps...

Integrated Sustainability : End-to-end Water Infrastructure Management at Economical Cost

Stuart Torr, President, Integrated Sustainability
Given industry’s increasing awareness of the interdependency between the energy and water systems, the need for specialized consulting in the water/wastewater space and advancements in digital water-cycle monitoring have become pertinent for many companies. “There is a definite shift towards fully integrating services and...