Lana yakimoff, principal consultant

The dynamics of the Service Management industry is changing in everyone’s business ecosystem. The need to continually develop solutions and to keep on top of the latest technology and to delivery quickly is requiring a faster turn-around. However with that brings problems and challenges to an organization that are still a part of the slow IT movement and not even able to fathom fast IT or the technology that is here and or coming.

The problem for the Service Management:

  • Not everyone is ready for this fast IT solution and services delivery
  • Not everyone is focusing on services or understands what a service is
  • Not everyone today understands their customers and how they use IT/Business services
  • Customers don’t get IT, they still unable to understand how to engage, integrate or work with IT
  • We have shadow IT which brings all sorts of security and business Risks
  • IT who want to hide and stop shadow IT.

Today Business and IT need to focus on understanding services and not just IT solutions, or technology capability, it needs to be holistic with a services thinking capability. There are many things that need to understood to ever get to this type of delivery model:

  • IT and Business capability mapping needs to be understood and mapped
  • The Service Delivery ecosystem needs to be understood:
    • What vendors and 3rd parties are supporting and delivering services needs to be mapped
    • Services they each deliver? What does that look like end to end?
    • To understand what your service partners re delivering there needs to commercial review and mapping. What are they required to delivery against Service Management obligations outlined? Not just the standard SLA, OLAs and contractual requirements.
    • Multi-vendor Management (SIAM) needs to be fully understood, designed and if fundamental to getting the above in order
    • Every business, customer outsources and SIAM needs to be looked.
    • SIAM as your operating model can provide many benefits but also challenges in your provider ecosystem.
    • Understanding the Governance vs Management activities
    • What standards will be used?
    • Also how you will enable the following services SIAM can overtime help ensure:
      • Compliance and Contractual capabities,
      • Articulating Value via Value Stream mapping, Management of Value articulated against business needs and showing how you ecosystem is achieveing this.

What we see taking shape over the next few years will even further provide even bigger challenges then understanding your delivery and operating models and customer.

What we see taking shape over the next few years will even further provide even bigger challenges then understanding your delivery and operating models and customer.

  • SIAM will continue to grow and will be strong growth over the next 5 -10 years. We will get better at it. ITSM and Enterprise Service Management needs it.
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence, and or ML – Machine Learning
    • The above can be used to enhance service delivery
    • The cost of the above and not understanding how this will and can work with humans is very immature
    • All we know is humans will need to change and shift roles
      • Supervising the above
      • Changing their skillsets to do more advance human thinking than typically mundane tasks
      • This in itself is a massive challenge.
      • Is the human race ready for this? Are agencies ready for this? Most likely our Service Providers are not? The constant challenges for us will always be PEOPLE.
      • Working this capability into Technology, your ITSM tools, your service desk and getting that right is very immature space.
    • Digital Capability
      • Digital capability includes the above it’s not just about taking paper trails and turning them into online forms.
      • Digital strategy traverse many areas and experienced expert needs to help
      • Again a challenge here will be PEOPLE, there are not enough experienced Digital Architects out there
    • Cyber Resilience/Security
      • Most organisations struggle even the large banks, governance agencies.
      • Resilience, what does that mean? More importantly how do you achieve this?
      • There is a huge lack of skills or even understand the concept of Cyber.
      • The Cyber race is coming, most business, agencies and Service Providers are not ready.


  • No 1 challenge ongoing is the war on talent, skills and experienced people including leadership skills. The Peoples capability to change: your customer, IT, business, government agencies. Building Trust, Transparency, Collaboration Cooperation, CX, Customer Service, Experience and Engagement.

The players:

  • Many and changing

The market:

  • Ever increasing and shrinking in mid-market, tier 2, tier 3 unable to satisfy at the top end of town. Big boys in town your Consultancy’s generalist approach will not be enough. The large Enterprise Service Providers doing the same thing.

The size of demand

  • Huge and will continue to grow. The Customers and agencies huge appetite wanting more, they will look outside of the normal players, who constantly let them down. But customer’s attitudes and trust must change. The demand pipeline is huge.


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