Tools For CEOs In 2021

Many people aspire to become the CEO of a company, but they often do not realize how difficult it can be. From managing a diverse team to dealing with important clients, the work is stressful, to say the least.

CEOs use effective tools to better manage their time and work. If you are struggling with juggling tasks and managing projects, these tools can help you find an easier solution. Let’s find out about the top six tools for CEOs in 2021.

1.    Slack

Tools For CEOs In 2021

No list of productivity platforms can be complete without Slack. Slack is an all-in-one task management and communication app for teams of every size. Some people swear by Slack, others shudder at its mention. If you take a middle ground and assess the app on its features, you are bound to appreciate its utility.

  1. Manage all tasks from one platform: Slack is much more effective than separate email threads, to-do lists, and file-sharing platforms. You can do it all and more with Slack.
  2. Organize all tasks: Slack makes it very easy to organize different projects and tasks under channels. Remote offices can function seamlessly with Slack’s neat organizational features and real-time communication.

2.    Hootsuite

Tools For CEOs In 2021

Social media use is quickly becoming non-negotiable for both professional and organizational success. Forbes 500 CEOs list from 2020 shows an increase in the number of CEOs active on social media. With Hootsuite, handling different social media profiles becomes smoother than ever.

  1. Schedule posts across social media platforms: It is not uncommon for CEOs to forget about apparently unimportant tasks like posting on social media. However, these habits pay off in the long run. With Hootsuite, you can set your posts and forget about them. Hootsuite does the work for you.

2. Connect with customers: Stay up-to-date with social conversations, brand mentions, customer feedback, and more with Hootsuite. A clean and simple inbox makes staying in the loop easier than ever.

3.    TravelPerk

Managing business travels can become a headache without proper management. A corporate business travel management platform like TravelPerk is a must-have for any company that invests in business tours.

Tools For CEOs In 2021 

  1. Custom travel solutions: With TravelPerk, you can set your travel policies, and all bookings will follow those policies. It gives you unmatched flexibility that no traditional travel management firm can offer.

2. Track expenses: Not just booking tickets and hotels, TravelPerk gives you detailed expense reports and makes accounting and invoicing faster than ever.

4.    Evernote

Tools For CEOs In 2021

Anyone who’s into the habit of taking notes has heard of Evernote. Without a doubt, it is the most popular note-taking app out there. CEOs love it as much as anyone else.

  1. Schedule all your tasks: Evernote is not just a note-taking app. It can double-up as a reminder very easily with seamless Google Calendar integration.

2. Save for later: Came across something interesting but do not have the time to read it? With Evernote, you can easily save those web pages to read later.

5.    Grammarly

Tools For CEOs In 2021

Communicating effectively is a top priority for every CEO. Grammarly helps you write better and rectify careless mistakes.

  1. Easy integration: The Grammarly plugin works with most text editors. Grammarly automatically checks for eros while you write an email, article, or anything else.

2. Intelligent suggestion: Grammarly suggests changes in the text depending on the intent of the content. These suggestions can be hugely beneficial for effective communication.

6. Headspace

Tools For CEOs In 2021

Headspace has very little to do with productivity as we understand it in the corporate world. However, it gives you the stable launchpad to reset, unwind, and refocus. Headspace can do wonders for both your professional and personal lives. No wonder so many CEOs are now a fan of meditation.

  1. Learn meditation: This app teaches meditation in short and easy 10-15 minute sessions. Do it anywhere anytime for a calm and focused mind.

2. For all levels: Whether you are meditating for the first time or the 1000th time, Headspace will help you get in the zone easily and quickly. The app also helps with habit formation and daily reflection.


The tools and platforms mentioned in this list can help you become more focused and productive. Start using them to see improvement in different aspects of your personal and professional life.

Authors name: Atreyee Chowdhury


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