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The world today calls for smart, integrated security strategies that keep your organization secure and help you mitigate potential risks. A business that is adversely affected by crime will not expand and will eventually shrink and ultimately fail. Investing in security should be considered by businesses, primarily because of how crime can adversely affect a company’s long-term growth projections. Criminal activity continues to have a detrimental effect on the output of small and medium businesses. There are many security business magazines available online to keep track of the latest security measures.

Although physical security is an important consideration, a business should not neglect the safety of its information. Even physical locations need sufficient data security; they risk falling victim to unauthorized access to steal customer data. Data breaches could result in a loss of business and subsequent legal action by impacted customers, which would harm the company’s growth.

So, here’s a list of few security business magazines for more information

  1. Security Management: Security Management is the award winning publication of ASIS International, the leading international organization for security professionals. Security Management is for specialists in security. It also makes essential security knowledge understandable to a general business audience, enabling ASIS International to advance global security. Readers get timely updates on emerging security threats and realistic strategies to protect individuals, property, and updates.
  2. 2600: The Hacker Quarterly: It is a publication of technical information and reports. It deals with a range of subjects, including hacking, telephone switching systems, Internet protocols, utilities, and general news about “underground” computers. Many of the posts are written and submitted by the readers. This security business magazine is a must-read for all business owners.
  3. Hakin9 – IT Security Magazine: Hakin9 is a dedicated hacking and cybersecurity monthly magazine. The magazine tries to concentrate on various approaches in every edition to illustrate different tactics-defensive and offensive. This information will allow us to understand how to carry out the most common attacks and protect the data against them.
  4. Cyber Defense Magazine | The Premier Source for IT Security: This magazine is built for IT security professionals by truthful, ethical, passionate information security professionals. Its mission is to share cutting-edge insights, real-world stories, and awards in the information technology industry for the best innovations, products, and services.
  5. Professional Security | Online Security Industry Magazine: Professional Security is the UK’s largest security magazine, bringing together the latest news from the security industry as it arises.
  6. The Circuit Magazine – For Security & Protection Specialists: The Circuit Magazine is a bi-monthly publication devoted to security experts that provides readers with articles and data from all security industry corners. With close protection, monitoring, equipment and technology, counter-piracy, private investigation, IT security, residential security, and much more, regular features keep everyone up to date. It is one of the best security business magazines
  7. Brilliance Security Magazine: Brilliance Security Magazine believes that Security Matters. By presenting news and information that is important to the industry, the magazine is committed to illuminating the intersection of cyber and physical security.

Business owners’ must-read security business magazines to stay updated about the latest trends. It will also help them to stay ahead of their competitors.


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