The entire Information Technology and various other sectors are going through a transition phase wherein they are trying to adapt to the digital economy. Applications are now made available over the web browsers on-demand, data is moved to the cloud, thanks to the pandemic, the global workforce has gone remote thus forcing most of the companies to adopt the digital-first environment in their business. This has been a welcome move except for those who are working on securing their data from internet thieves aka hackers.

Since the data is now connected through the internet, it becomes easy for the o”enders to intercept and get their hands on it. Global connectivity and usage of cloud services have increased both inherent as well as residual risks. Apart from this, cybercriminals are now being sponsored by prominent institutions across the globe enabling them to have access to some of the sophisticated tools to break system security. The security mishaps are now adding up losses to these enterprises in terms of not just data but also they are paying a hefty price to get back the data and then the damage to their brand integrity attached to it.

With all these things happening around, business leaders can’t rely on age-old security solutions like anti-virus software and firewalls, they would need more than this. This is where the new age cybersecurity companies like Resecurity are helping global enterprises build a solid cybersecurity defence.

Looking at the way Resecurity has developed in recent times, CEO Views was curious to know more about the company and have detailed insight. So we got in touch with the best person who could brief us all, Gene Yoo, CEO at Resecurity.

What Resecurity does?

Briefing about what Resecurity as the company does, Gene Yoo said- Resecurity is a cybersecurity company that delivers a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk management, and cyber threat intelligence. Known for providing best-of-breed data-driven intelligence solutions, Resecurity’s services and platforms focus on early-warning identification of data breaches and comprehensive protection against cybersecurity risks.

How it all started?

Resecurity was founded in the year 2016 and within a short period of time it has been globally recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies with the sole mission of enabling organizations to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are. And this is really where we started the idea… because this is about human intelligence and tailoring actual intelligence for each client. This isn’t something you can do with just signal intelligence, because threat adversaries don’t just make everything in public space, aka open source, or dark web.

In the current situation wherein the technology landscape has been changing at a rapid pace and new trends emerge regularly, we were eager to know what is waiting ahead for the folks in the cybersecurity industry to which Gene Yoo responded saying- the key trend is going to be defending and protecting enterprises from emerging threat will always be around identity. This is where everything starts and ends. From Resecurity’s perspective, we provide intelligence around identity protection, about how they are being used to attack, how they are targeted, etc… because it only takes one account for an organization to be fully compromised. Keep in mind, adversaries just need to get it right just once.

Services that Resecurity offers

Speaking about the different kinds of services that Resecurity has to offer to its customers, Gene Yoo gave an overview of the same saying- we do provide traditional security consulting, engineering, and testing November 2021 10 services. But we are best known for our research and breach response. Many of the traditional services are really point in time and is necessary but our clients come to us for harder problems and long-term problems that they want us to engage in and solve. A good example is where a client wants to expand their businesses in say Africa, they need to know how the cyber-criminals in the region are and what are their tools of the trade specific to a particular business operation. This is not something that just comes out of a platform but engagement with our Hunter™ Unit to engage and collect intelligence to provide comprehensive reports and artefacts for our clients. We do get a lot of interesting “research” requests, not just from enterprises but from our law enforcement partners, which is always interesting.

Elaborating more on the products that they have to offer, Gene Yoo elaborated on the flagship product termed Context™, which they have built for the enterprises to hunt and create monitoring tasks specific to their objectives. From top-down, the system can be used by many operators or business units, not just security operations. Another product named Risk™ was created to make sure that they can scale to any organization but also provide a simple view for their management and organizations that didn’t have a large security team. Risk™ is powered by Context™ so enabling any size team, any organization to benefit from having outside intelligence to identity threats.

Things that make Resecurity stand-out

Folks in Resecurity were aware that intelligence can be obtained in many forms. Not just about technical threats but threats against content, executives, and of course their brands. Keeping these points in mind, Resecurity has another offering in its arsenal which they call Brand Protection Solution. It’s an offering that differentiates Resecurity from its competitors. One can scour the web to find IP, IOCs, social media, etc… but Resecurity focuses on over 22M+ threat actors targeting “brands”. Both Context™ and Risk™ enables organizations to simply monitor key “brand” identifiers in the platform for continuous monitoring. They provide a clear linkage to all variables that creates a risk score based on over 37K sources of data that they aggregate and this is critical as if you don’t create this correctly, you’ll end up with millions of noises. You must reduce the noise.

Another factor that differentiates Resecurity from other players is that they are not a platform; they are a data provider. They provide a simple interface but it’s about a unique set of data sources that is tailored to each of their customers. They don’t try to boil the ocean, but they are tasked to understand the upstream data sources.

“Intelligence isn’t pretty, it’s not about showing the global threat landscape or having security theatre. It’s about tailored intelligence and source of intelligence”

Clientele that Resecurity serves

Speaking about the clientele they work with Gene Yoo said that Resecurity has clients globally. In the last 3 years we have had such a growth (1400% to be exact) and a diverse client base, believe it or not, we learn more from our clients than monitoring innovations. Because everything we do is really tailored to each of our clients. Second, we have Fortune 50 or 100 clients in each of the business verticals…. Can’t name them but we managed to retain some of the largest entities year over year for the last 3+ years. Fortunately, we built our platforms for any size any type. To deliver the most quality intelligence available and actionable. No matter how big or small or the type of organization you are.

Resecurity is on a mission to enable enterprises, national security and law enforcement agencies to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are.

Also, the fact that has to be given attention is the way Resecurity approaches the problems that enterprises face. Right now, the hot topic is around Supply Chain and Third-Party Risk Management. IT is growing rapidly, and data is everywhere as well as our diverse cloud-enabled suppliers…. So, our clients now ask us, what can we do….

Believe it or not, Risk™ basically became the de facto standard for all our clients for specifically monitoring their suppliers to improve the Third-Party Risk Management. Let’s face it, this 3rd or 4th party monitoring using vulnerabilities or open-source data just means that it’s a stagnant state based on public information. The way we present or solve this problem is that we don’t really care about the state, but-

  1. Who is targeting you?
  2. How or why they are targeting you?
  3. What are they going to do with you and Risk™?

These points tell customers that, yes you are targeted and here’s what they’re going to do and/or you are breached, need fix ASAP. It’s about threat risk, not about likelihood or probability. In a way, you can think of Risk™ as a continuous breach assessment tool.

The work culture at Resecurity

After knowing the wide range of services that Resecurity has to offer and how they approach the problems, it was time that we know how the folks at Resecurity function. Responding to the same Gene Yoo said- we are all equals, top to bottom. Everyone is involved in management strategy to the technological roadmap. This is crucial to our success as they understand what, how, and where we are going. And our clients see this and is part of our family because the single most important aspect is listening to your clients and pivoting and learn- ing to their needs.


Resecurity is on a mission to enable enterprises, national security, and law enforcement agencies to combat cyber threats regardless of how sophisticated they are. They have been investing in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. These bring unique value in complex investigations of cybercrimes, APT campaigns, and threat actors. While they have grown at a tremendous pace for the last few years, the future looks, even more, pacier than it has been. Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity concluded with one single sentence on how the future is going to be for them-

“A lot of new surprises coming in 2022. Yes, we are going to disrupt the entire ecosystem”


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