Enterprise Sales Techniques

Enterprise clients can be a company’s largest source of revenue, and reeling in one is every salesperson’s dream. However, catching that big fish is often a tough call, perhaps because a sales cycle can be as long as a few months to more than a year, with no guarantees of closing a deal. Here are 4 proven sales techniques which will help in achieving every salesperson’s goal. So without any further delay lets know about them.

While ordinary techniques may not work well in winning an enterprise client, getting these high-end clients isn’t entirely impossible. Keep reading as we go over some tried and tested techniques guaranteed to help you realize success in enterprise sales.

1. Leverage The Power Of Enterprise Sales Enablement Platform

Owing to the complexity of an enterprise sales cycle and keeping in mind that you are dealing with more than one client, it is almost impossible to keep all the information you need at your fingertips. That is where an enterprise sales enablement solution comes into play. A reliable sales enablement platform should help salespeople access all the information a client may need every step of the way.

Unfortunately, not many sales enablement tools have an enterprise sales-friendly design. Often the platforms come in rigid versions that expect clients to make changes in their workflows to adapt to their requirements, which can be a great inconvenience.

If you are looking for a platform tailor-made to meet your business expectations and not the other way around, this enterprise sales solution from Bigtican can be an excellent choice for you.

2. Set Your Mind On The Long-Term Goal

One characteristic of an enterprise sales cycle that distinguishes it from the normal sales cycle is the longevity of the process. In other words, you must prepare to be in it for the long haul.

The best strategy is to set SMART goals with checkpoints along the way. Checkpoints allow you to look back at your progress to avoid getting discouraged.

Additionally, the checkpoints are essential in determining leads that are most likely to convert into paying clients and those you may need to drop. They are also helping you as a salesperson to understand a clients’ stages in the buying journey to tailor your sales approach accordingly.

3. Leverage Proven Results

Unlike small businesses, enterprises may have several decision-makers who have to get together and deliberate before deciding to move on with a purchase. This means a lot of consideration will be at play, but most of all, enterprises don’t take risks and will only invest in products or services with proven results.

Before prospecting enterprise clients, ensure that the product or service you are offering has had positive results elsewhere. If you have other satisfied enterprise clients under your belt, you already have an excellent place to start from.

If not, focus on the value you can offer your clients, including past successes with other clients, which may not necessarily be enterprise clients.

4. Understand And Address The Clients’ Pain Points

To get the attention of key decision-makers in an enterprise, you have to go beyond wanting to make a sale and be more like a business analyst. That means identifying and offering solutions to the client’s pain points.

Determining your prospective client’s pain points calls for digging deep into their business’s operations through research.

Research does not always mean going online to dig out a company’s information. You may be surprised at the amount of information you can gather when conversing with a client throughout the sales cycle.

By leveraging the information you collect from conversations with key decision-makers, it is possible to identify a business’s pain points and suggest solutions. Offering valuable solution suggestions to a client’s problems can help portray you as an authority, increasing the client’s likelihood of doing business with you.


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