With an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong urge to create the better version of everything along with experience in the IT industry, Sandeep Reddy Vinjamuri, CEO, Reliant Vision, came up with the idea of IT Services / Solutions. Being in the shoes of a consultant, he knew exactly what the challenges in the field were. In this highly competitive market, it is important to always think of new and efficient ways to work. And following this, Reliant Vision rewarded itself with massive growth and evolution over the years. Moreover, with a highly competitive marketplace came a highly competitive talent environment as well. Reliant Vision had to face an array of challenges given the urgent need to develop new clients, find and keep quality ppl, and continuously innovate.

To contend with such different pressures, Reliant Vision identified sophisticated and efficient strategic approaches. It now provides outsourcing and IT solutions to the IT industry. Reliant Vision also believes that coordinating all these activities is a key concern among respondents. The company finds ways to utilize time and resources more efficiently as they work to counter new competitors and find new clients-all while competition encroaches. “To grow in any business you need knowledge, hard-work, sincerity, a bit of luck and a very good team. I am what I am today because of the people who supported me in my journey,” says Sandeep.

Having gained formidable experience in software solutions & Development since 2013, Reliant Vision conceptualized the Workforce Capital Management Solution (WCMS), bridge to resolve the technological gap in the human resource sector and inspire budding entrepreneurs. Experiencing the challenges, pitfalls, and the nuances of the industry, the company centred on creating cloud-based c that cover the end-to-end processes (induction to exit) involved through an employee journey in the company.

Reliant Vision focuses on delivering technology with intelligence and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage its multitude of benefits by incorporating the same in its solution offerings. The company’s primary vision is to revolutionize the technology domain by providing solutions that resolve practical day-to-day issues with intelligence to anticipate future requirements. Keeping AI as the core competency of the company, it has built technologically intelligent solutions for recruiters and human resource consultants. Over the years, the company has spent close to 40,000 man-hours researching and improving the product to meet the industry needs and standards. The company offers software implementation & IT services to its clients.

Whatever the objective is, Reliant Vision’s indispensable factor for success is intelligent technology. “Technology should enable businesses to make improved decisions and Reliant Vision does just that,” adds Sandeep. Its ability to understand what goes where and experiences with the challenges and ambition of offering only the much-needed solutions is what set Reliant Vision apart from rest of the competitors in the market. Reliant Vision recently worked with one of its clients that used to spend hours a day to analyze risk and process large data sets and helped them to make an effective and informed decision, by coming up with solutions that offers ease of business in the industry.

The company started small with a single employee and a small office in 2013. With constant struggle and understanding the needs of the market, the company evolved over the years with higher employees and revenue. After the huge success of WCMS – Smart Recruit, ETMS, and onboarding, Reliant Vision has few more things lined up and will be bringing them in the future market.


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