PRO Unlimited,   through its purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Service  Provider  (MSP)  and integrated Vendor Management System (VMS) is a pioneer and leader in the contingent workforce management industry. Recently, we caught up with Dustin Burgess, SVP of Strategy, Analytics,&Metrics, PRO Unlimited who provided us with a detailed glimpse into the inner workings of the innovative company.

PRO has historically achieved program adoption and compliance rates well beyond industry benchmarks

Since 1991, PRO Unlimited has helped notable brands address costs, risks and quality issues associated with contingent workforce management. As a proven leader, PRO lists several areas that help us stand out from our competitors:

  • Pure Vendor-Neutrality
  • Industry-leading Integrated Services a Software Offering
  • Award-winning Business
  • Intelligence Quantifiable Cost
  • Savings Time-tested Risk Mitigation
  • Complete Client Dedication

Purely Vendor-Neutrality

As a purely vendor-neutral MSP, PRO is not affiliated with any staffing supplier, which allows for a level playing field and competitive bidding on requisitions. This delivers market-driven, cost-effective rates and exceptional supplier engagement. The combination of PRO’s staff, processes and technology yields true savings, cost avoidance, and control. PRO has historically achieved program adoption and compliance rates well beyond industry benchmarks. This means that we capture and manage labor to spend more effectively and make decisions in the best interest of the client because there exist no conflicts of interest between the vendors, the MSP, and the client.

Our vendor neutrality means that the 4,500+ supplier network will not be managed by a competing entity. Instead, PRO builds working relationships with suppliers as partners – with our success hinging upon theirs. PRO mentors and provides feedback to the supplier community to ensure client managers’ needs are understood and they receive the right labor as quickly and effectively as possible. This is one of the largest contributing factors as to why PRO’s clients work with the industry’s best suppliers, and those suppliers are submitting their top-quality candidates through our programs.

Industry-leading Integrated Services and Software Offering

PRO’s integrated MSP and VMS creates a seamless and agile experience for clients. In contrast, clients have indicated that staffing companies, with an MSP division lack the technology expertise, while companies that are technology focused are not well-versed in the human element of a full-service program. PRO has expertise in both and is fully accountable for the entire scope – this produces optimal performance and efficiency. Furthermore, we make changes and configurations to both the process and technology quickly, ensuring that programs remain agile and can adapt as the business grows and evolves.

PRO’s VMS, Wand, has been independently rated, by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester, as an industry leader. As an omnichannel platform, Wand pioneered the industry on mobile capability enabling users with the freedom of access to data anywhere, anytime. The entire contingent workforce lifecycle for hiring managers and workers can be completed globally on a tablet, smartphone and wearable device.

Award-Winning Business Intelligence

PRO delivers actionable analytics, reporting, and innovative business intelligence that includes predictive and prescriptive performance metrics. Using our integrated model, we are able to capture previously unmonitored contingent worker data to understand and optimize the MSP program. The firm is uniquely positioned in the market as a vendor-neutral MSP, enabling access to vast and unmatched amounts of data, combined with expertise that allows us to deliver valuable insights to our clients they can’t receive through other consultants or staffing-aligned MSPs.

Quantifiable Cost Savings

PRO works with each client to define and agree upon hard and soft dollar cost savings and cost avoidance components, savings goals and strategies. PRO takes a measured, analytical approach to delivering cost savings to our clients. Year one cost savings range on average from 6 to 12% with respect to managing the professional contingent labor. We measure these components through Wand, metrics, reports, audits, and historical data we collect from the client and suppliers to determine the appropriate baseline from which to measure. Also, we review quarter over quarter and year over year savings and equally as important, our strategy to achieve future savings without compromising candidate or supplier quality. Not only are year one savings important, but year 15 savings are equally as important. We ensure that any recommendations or strategies to drive value factor in impacts to quality, risk, and overall program health.

Time-tested Risk Mitigation

Founded as a consulting and compliance organization, PRO was not developed by a staffing company. Risk mitigation is at the forefront of everything we do. We implement leading practices that stay ahead of tax and labor changes. Our world-class compliance team guides client programs to mitigate risk and exposure to co-employment, independent contractors and labor law classification, while implementing policies that meet needs of the business.

Complete Client Dedication

PRO’s service delivery model is comprised of fully dedicated onsite staff, regional strategic account management, senior-level executive sponsorship, and full back office support. PRO’s teams assimilate themselves at each client to maximize program education and adoption, and to ensure that the program is aligned completely with each organization’s culture and goals.

PRO’s purpose has always been rooted in helping organizations expertly leverage their contingent labor in a way that is mutually beneficial to the employer, suppliers and workers. Our team members come directly from the industry, as well as leading organizations – from former IRS auditors and Labor Attorneys to staffing industry and business veterans with significant global experience. These teams are recognized by our clients as being knowledgeable, professional, resourceful, and consistently successful at exceeding our client’s expectations.


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