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A billion people in the world still lack the basic access to electricity and clean water, the essentials for improved living conditions. These are among the key drivers to poverty eradication, leading to economic growth. Renewable energy has emerged as a powerful tool to strengthen the reliability and expand the reach of electric grids to improve energy access and technology on the other hand, is opening new ways to bring in creative solutions to fill various gaps. POWER 4 ALL provides access to simple yet cutting-edge solutions to clean power and clean water through field-tested innovations. Angelo Valenton, Founder and CEO of POWER 4 ALL was with the CEOViews team to share details about how their innovative technologies are helping in sustainable community development.

How it all started?

It was in 2013 when Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded, lashed through the Philippines with over 230 kph winds and leaving more than 6,000 people dead, 2,000 missing and over USD 3 billion in damages. Angelo and his team became involved among the massive and desperate humanitarian efforts through logistics support and supply of emergency power and other reliefs. During aftermath assessments, they realized how crucial access to basic human services was for recovery, build and resilience and endeavored since to develop and provide technologies that support existential needs, particularly for the most vulnerable sectors of society through POWER 4 ALL.

Building Blox are rapid deploy systems that can address the most basic human needs


Every journey is both exciting and uncertain and not without the many bumps along the way. For POWER 4 ALL, there have been a string of failures and frustrations into getting the right value propositions off paper and on the ground and convincing relevant players to accept the ideas. Angelo shared, “At some point, though, when you push hard enough and long enough you breakthrough. At present, several of our technologies and solutions have been used for various purposes including community development, poverty alleviation, business continuity, across a number of countries.”

Clean Power and Clean Water for all

At POWER 4 ALL, the team is engaged in the social business of designing, engineering, supply and distribution, construction, installation and commissioning of inventive and field-tested solutions for Clean Power and Clean Water. They have enrolled some of the most creative and advanced technologies in renewable energy as well as in water and wastewater treatment. The company now has been putting in a lot of R&D into water recycling and reuse as a sustainable solution to water resource management. A recent potable water reuse facility, one of only a few in the world, designed and commissioned by them, treats effluent from a sewage treatment plant to produce safe drinking water. The vision is to make this approach to water supply management become more and more relevant for household, commercial and industrial settings. Power 4 All has recently launched a range of off-grid service delivery modules called Building Blox®.

They have enrolled some of the most creative and advanced technologies in renewable energy as well as in water and waste water treatment.

Building Blox®

These are rapid deploy, self-powered plug-and-play modular systems that can address the most basic human needs from power, water access, healthcare, food security and education.

Angelo Valenton with a proto-type of Building Blox® WXS (for water access). A self-powered system that turns seawater into safe drinking water.

Evolving to be a leading partner in community development

Talent helps to develop business ideas, while passion fuels to drive to success. The team at POWER 4 ALL, possess both talent and passion to see things through. By essentially utilizing the technologies, they promote to bridge the gaps in accessing power and clean water, the basic necessities of well-being and uplifting lives.

Speaking about the hurdles they overcome along their journey so far, Angelo said, “Initially, our biggest hurdles were access to resources as developing our kind of technologies is not cheap. Next would be creating a voice that is amplified enough so that the awareness for these solutions reach the people and organizations that need them.”

POWER 4 ALL envisions a future where everyone can get their hands on enabling technologies that improve lives and elevate experiences.

By following globally established standards in design, build, safety, and quality systems POWER 4 ALL ensures that the solutions delivered, are scalable and built to last. However, they pay a lot of attention and look at things they have already done, then, stare at the wide empty space to see what is possible from a zero-reference point. Not having baselines and standard rules help to elevate creativity and innovation within the solutions.

Future Vision

POWER 4 ALL envisions a future where everyone can get their hands on enabling technologies that improve lives and elevate experiences. With a hope to continue creating solutions that can propel people regardless of their geography, situation or ideology, the team of experts strive to improve and transform lives of the most disadvantaged.

People and purpose are at the heart of their operations and POWER 4 ALL makes it look easy. The impact is measured in the way the target communities are able to lift themselves up through a sustainable approach with the help of technology. Angelo believes, “having a strong appetite for taking risks, a stomach for struggle, urge to create new stuff and making a difference, maintaining a good moral compass and leaving the world a bit better than how you found it, allows you to confidently tell yourself that you did your part.”

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