Nick Shah, President

Being in business for over two decades, Peterson Technology Partners has helped Chicago’s IT industry recruit faster and smarter. The company offers its services to organizations looking for multiple experts with similar skills within an extremely short period of time. Over their long history the company has developed an extensive network and a dedicated team to curate the best for their clients.

In the last twenty years, the company has witnessed, survived and thrived, through dot-com bubbles and housing market crashes. Moreover, the company has seen the in-demand technical skills chang over time with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science currently leading the way. “Whether a client needs a team of experienced Java developers, .NET architects or SQL-capable business analysts, everyone needs a diverse yet cohesive group of professionals able to problem-solve and innovate as a team,” says Nick Shah, President, Peterson Technology Partners.

Peterson Technology Partners’ primary focus is on IT staffing in Chicago. After analysing how most candidates exaggerate their skills and abilities, impersonate someone else on Skype to pass interviews, and cheat coding challenges, the company developed services that could easily cut down on such wastage of time in the hiring process.

The proprietary “5 Point Process” ensures both the technical skills and personality are the best fit for each role. The process filters underqualified or fake candidates. It can also screen candidates online, over the phone, video chat, and in person, to ensure each person passed on to the client not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

The “5 Point Process” also includes teaching, coaching, and training their selected candidates on topics ranging from cutting-edge technical skills to personal branding, leadership and their executive presence. This “Continued Excellence” section is dependant on both the skill gaps of the candidate and trends in the market. “Our peer network is large enough that we’re able to find and give training on nearly any technology currently in-demand,” adds Nick. The in-house team of the process currently has over 100 years of combined business development and executive boardroom experience, enabling them to teach their candidates the personal branding and collaboration skills they’ll use for a lifetime.

Peterson Technology Partners believes that, while they offer technical skills like some other companies, what sets them apart is the length to which they go to ensure those technical skills are ‘as advertised’ by the candidate. They also interview for personality and soft skills that align with the client’s needs. The company has deep insight into each client’s company culture which they have gained through the long-term relationships built with them. The “4 Point Promise” helps maintain and cultivate Peterson Technology Partners’ long-term relationships with all of their partners and believes that this is the primary reason they have stood the test of time
The company deals with multiple clients with varying challenges. Nearly all clients, however, want, need and expect candidates to be not only technically skilled but also professional with a collaborative mindset. The key risks of most of their clients are hiring the wrong person or not hiring anyone at all in the currently saturated job market. To address these challenges, and to meet the wide variety of client needs, Peterson Technology Partners uses a variety of technical and traditional tools. The company uses the best of technologies and practices available to help Chicago and help them make the best hiring decisions. The company uses modern sourcing tools to find candidates, innovative artificial intelligence solutions to screen the candidates, and traditional practices such as phone interviews, in-person conversations and individual coaching.

Peterson Technology Partners has recently expanded its services offerings, due to client demand, to include Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing consulting and recruiting. The company is also constantly innovating its own internal processes. It recently incorporated artificial intelligence into multiple aspects of their hiring process. This enables their team members to focus on human relationships while leveraging machine precision. The company continues to increase the speed and efficiency of their sourcing and screening among many other steps.


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