Orthodontic Marketing

If you’re an orthodontist with your own practice, you’re well aware of how tough it is to attract new patients these days. Many people, understandably, have trust issues when it comes to health concerns. Just one blunder in this domain and a person will have to suffer through excruciating pain. This is true in the dental industry as well. Furthermore, the large number of competitors in the market makes it much more difficult for you to acquire traction online and find new patients. This is why marketing should take precedence above everything else. Leverage the following 6 marketing tips to attract an audience and gain new customers for your orthodontic establishment.

1. Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, it has become almost impossible to devise a marketing strategy without incorporating social media into it. The vast majority of today’s population uses social media platforms on a daily basis and, therefore, it is the most effective channel for targeting your audience. The issue about dentistry marketing is that your primary target audience should be your local market; if you expand beyond that, what good will it do you? Whether you try local awareness Facebook advertisements to target your Facebook demographic or engage with influencers on Instagram to promote your establishment’s online brand image, social media marketing includes it all.

2. Set Up A Referral Network

Creating a referral network is one of the world’s oldest marketing strategies, and it still works to drive new clients to your business. Setting up a referral network will not only get your brand noticed but will also bring in new clients on a daily basis. A referral system is essential, especially when you’re targeting the local demographic. Whether you offer customers a discount or commission for every new customer they refer, or you collaborate with medical centers by providing them with brochures, samples, and other amenities to promote your center, a referral infrastructure is crucial.

3. Offer Free Consultations

Getting braces or any other orthodontic treatment is a huge step, and people often have a lot of questions and are unsure about who to see. Therefore, it’s critical that you set up an appointment to answer all of their questions upfront. Free consultations will pique your local audience’s interest in your company, and people nearly never turn down free benefits. Free consultations are a compelling call to action, and while you’ll have to put in some extra effort, this is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that will attract new patients.

4. Get Patient Reviews

Positive feedback from your clients will help you boost your brand’s reputation and provide you with the competitive edge you need to attract new clients. Almost everyone nowadays conducts research on a service before making a decision, which is mostly based on client reviews. Before making an appointment, about 90% of individuals check online reviews. So, you must maintain a constant flow of feedback and encourage your clients to submit online evaluations. When you combine this with video testimonials, you’ve got the perfect combination for attracting new visitors to your website.

5. Paid Advertisements

A paid advertising campaign is as important as any other marketing tactic for promoting your orthodontic practice. While there are so many options, it’s a good idea to combine paid Google Ads with Facebook ads for best results, since you want to target a local audience. Specialized orthodontic marketing at orthopatients.com shows how Google Ads have the potential to bring your practice into the limelight with prospective patients browsing the internet. Whereas, Facebook ads will ensure to provide help with the three campaign objectives options; which are awareness, consideration, and conversion. You can create designs for each stage of the funnel process to help bring in new patients.

6. Local Events  

Whether you host events that are particular to your business or sponsor activities that are completely unrelated to your company, advertising at local events is the most effective approach to reach your target market. You can draw attention to your business, its consumer value, and help improve its image by sponsoring an event. Make sure to distribute brochures, discounts, and samples to attract new customers to your business. If you arrange an awareness campaign for dental health, this would not only be beneficial for your target audience but will also shed light on your establishment.

Orthodontic Marketing

Despite the fact that there are several marketing methods available today, developing the ideal marketing approach for your orthodontic clinic remains challenging. The primary reason for this is that orthodontic practices must target a local clientele, and digital marketing alone often isn’t enough. Combining digital and traditional marketing, on the other hand, will help you achieve the ideal balance for your business.


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