While the number of breaches globally has been stable year-on-year, with more sophisticated and increasingly complex threats, the impact is becoming more severe. With the cyber threat intelligence (CTI) market flourishing from 2014, it became necessary not just to understand cyber threats but to use information about cyber threats effectively improve the security posture of an organization.

Joep Gommers, CEO and co-founder of EclecticIQ, previously with threat intelligence market-leader ISIGHT Partners, and Raymon van der Velde, established EclecticIQ in 2014 to empower organizations with products and services to turn threat intelligence into business value. Enabling CTI analysts with tools they require to use threat intelligence effectively and threat intelligence required to understand the threat landscape they face.

EclecticIQ provides intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organizations and commercial enterprises

EclecticIQ provides intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organizations and commercial enterprises. The company has developed an analyst-centric threat intelligence platform and operates EclecticIQ Fusion Center – a specialized group of intelligence experts and analysts that produce new insights into the threat landscape for the company’s customers. Next up in the company’s evolution is supporting organizations ensuring that intelligence can be effectively used for threat detection, hunting, and response.  The result is intelligence-led security, improved detection and response, and cost-efficient security investments.

“EclecticIQ was early to realize that better tooling was required to put cyber threat intelligence at the core of security operations and help threat analyst to free up time to focus on the most relevant threats,” says Gommers, CEO and Co-Founder, EclecticIQ.

Driven by the ambition of assisting security operators, risk managers, executives, threat hunters, and incident respondents to make efficient use of threat intelligence in their activities, Platform provides a technology stack to allow analysts to identify, avoid and respond better. EclecticIQ believes that to enable optimal cyber defense, organizations have to understand the threats against them and align their efforts and investments to eliminate these.

Intelligence-powered cybersecurity can mitigate the following issues that organizations face:

  • Organizations Must Prepare Themselves for Sophisticated Threats- Sophisticated threats remain undetected, and solutions are still unable to correctly prevent, identify, and respond to these sophisticated threats. A greater understanding of emerging cyber threats is also a must because companies need to be armed with constructive insights.
  • The Same Threats are Faced in Isolation- In today’s world, collaboration against cyber threats is a must, and so is ensuring sovereignty. Organizations should no longer operate in isolation, and forces must be combined into a shared effort, based on complementary knowledge.
  • Build an Intelligence-Led Security Strategy- To ensure return on investment for security spending, organizations must ensure alignment between resources spent and impact on lower risk. This requires alignment between threat reality and what funds are spent on. Without an intelligence-led security strategy, the security of an organization is exposed to the risks of misalignment with the reality of cyber threats faced by it. This includes aligning security efforts like risk management, vulnerability management, security operations, incident response, fraud prevention, and executive protection.

Currently supporting the most advanced government and large enterprise customers, EclecticIQ supports its clients in managing, analyzing, producing, and integrating threat intelligence effectively. Moreover, leveraging its state-of-art technology and experience, the company is expanding its portfolio to drive growth for critical infrastructure of organizations that are embracing an intelligence-led security strategy but do not have dedicated threat intelligence analyst teams.

The threat intelligence industry is still very young, and its key advancements originate from the fact that using and exchanging information is becoming more prevalent and efficient by applying standards. On top of this, more existing security controls enable users to use threat information in their applications, such as SIEM and Security Orchestrators. EclecticIQ uses proven technology combinations to create solutions that address customer demands, including automated sorting and advanced graphing capabilities.

By adding use cases for threat detection, hunting and response, EclecticIQ is also aiming to support organizations in embracing intelligence at the core, ensuring effective detection and response to sophisticated threats. The company has shown strong momentum with national cybersecurity, national defense, national intelligence, and significant finance as well. For instance, the company partnered with DeepCyber and worked towards helping the Italian Ministry of Interior realize its goal of moving from reactive to proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence.

EclecticIQ operates globally with offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North-America, and via certified value-add partners. EclecticIQ will continue to scale its global government business, expand its presence in Europe, the Americas, and land in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific within 2020.

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