Current Trends in Security

A security is a freedom from risk and the threat of change for the worseLook at some of the Current Trends in Security domain.

Growing challenges

Assumption that our webs, networks, software, and hardware can be protected is disillusionment. Smart trends are really worrisome as hackers have improved tactics and processes to overcome the security firewalls. Experts are putting conditional explanations. As the growth of web world is helping the world to grow, it is creating a parallel risk of cyber attacks and halting their march. The attackers are also equally skilled, tactical and resourceful. Hence, more than the users for whom this software is developed for convenience; in the background other fronts are opened to protect itself, while in operation. Security and Risk Management has emerged as the key enabler for digital businesses. With the partnerships with your Security consultants, one must hold these secrets close.

The gravity of serious damages has been observed in 2017 when hackers targeted Verizon and Euifox as well as Ransom ware like attacked global companies. The intensity will be more stunning in 2018 as they will not spare major corporations, public and educational institutes as well as governments and political campaigns.

Deadly and sharp attacks, breaches

Their teamwork and expertise has led everyone to worry as the cyber attackers have improved tactics, procedures and more focused executions than the defense counterparts. Their teams are better coordinated and operate with better sophistication and skills.

How these breaches happen has been a mystery, as they happen in spite of expert derived protection solutions. Let us get into the following gaps, New phishing trends into companies’ software structures, Tracks of modern Telemetry and methodology, Analysis of vulnerable global networks, Insufficient strategy to protect individual structures, Lacking fact-based, proactive and creative defensive structure, Continuous track of the race between defending experts and hackers skills, Defenseless Apps exposed to threats to privileges and dependencies, affecting data Transfers too, Breaches of private consumers as user privacies through home devices by private companies software, Consumer apps collecting children user data, Ransomware evolution from PC to IoT, high net worth users, and major corporate

Expected breaches and efforts to respond positively

Following approaches are certain

  • Machine learning by attackers
  • Learning from defensive and detection models
  • Newly detected gaps and vulnerabilities will be attacked

Possible way outs would be

  • Strategically deceptive approach
  • More intuition and human inputs combined with Machine learning
  • Better anticipatory tracking of trends in the start only
  • Data Protection to be strengthened
  • Both external and internal threats ( employee and human errors ) to be studied for checking

Getting ready for endless challenges

As soft world has become part of our daily life, these threats will wage war in any possible manner. Even with the present preparedness, 90% of this world is vulnerable for such attacks.

Tracking all the above reasons is a critical step 24X7. Controls on the access to the systems, have to be most perfect monitored activity. There could be issues for employee privacy or mistrust, but these must be handled in most professional manner without affecting the operations.

Introduction of GDPR will complement these efforts for successful defense against these cyber attacks. Any further advances through AI and other advents must be enabled with these threats in mind.


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