Blue Coast Savings
Blue Coasts Savings

Over the past two decades, Blue Coast Savings Consultants has established themself as the nation’s premier experts in helping companies of all sizes improve their bottom line. With help from Blue Coast, thousands of business owners have improved their organization’s overall financial health, kept their workers employed and made sure that their doors stay open and that their bills are paid. All in all, Blue Coast has helped business owners save millions of dollars.

How do they accomplish this? Shawn Hull, founder, and CEO of Blue Coast has been on the cutting edge of the business world his entire career.

“For the last 30 years, I’ve been pioneering unique services and have been the first to bring them to market. I’ve done that with prepaid phone cards in the early ’90s, then internet marketing, and now in the cost savings industry,” Hull said. “With Blue Coast, I’ve been able  to  identify  services  that  companies desperately   need,   but   cannot   do themselves.”

Blue Coast offers an unprecedented suite of services that business owners can utilize to help them slash their expenses, including expense reduction, revenue gains, and specialized tax incentives. For example,  if clients have a supply chain or capacity issues, Blue Coast can automate their shipping department and provides them with world-class software, helping them save about 35% on shipping expenses. Blue Coast also helps companies save on an additional 20 other savings categories, not to mention 75 different hiring incentives.

Blue Coast offers a win-win situation for everyone. Either they find savings for the company or they charge no fee.

In the midst of the pandemic and the severe economic conditions, Blue Coast and its services have become more relevant than ever. They have been able to deliver cost-effective solutions for cash-strapped companies and helped them ease their financial woes.

Blue Coast’s advisors know that the company has been on the cutting edge for years. Not with just their suite of cash-savings services, but with their revolutionary business model. Blue Coast allows its advisors to close deals once and then earn monthly residuals for the next decade or more. This means that Blue Coast advisors can basically earn money while they sleep.

Advisors come from all types of professional backgrounds, whether they are retirees looking for part-time work or corporate executives looking for supplemental income. They are experts in leveraging relationships with clients, with help from Blue Coast’s marketing support system of face-to-face or virtual appointments, inbound messaging, email marketing programs, direct mail services, and sub-advisor programs.

Best of all, Blue Coast advisors utilize this unique business model from the comfort of their home office. They are basically their own boss and business owners, without the stress of rent, brick-and-mortar locations, payroll, and inventory.

“We get a lot of inquiries because our business model is so smart and practical,” Hull said. “I’m a major advocate of working smart, so residuals and leveraging relationships are the two strongest principles of making money. Once people find that out the light bulb goes off. You do the work once, with our flagship services, and then get paid monthly residuals for the next 10 years or more.

“Blue Coast is the quickest way for companies to gain revenue without risk.”

Not only has Blue Coast been helping business owners improve their bottom line, but they’ve also helped individuals launch their very own cash-savings consulting business. The company offers an unparalleled support system to help its advisors engage, maintain, and close deals so that they can earn monthly residuals.

The company hosts quarterly events across the country that allows the advisors to network and learn. Other training consists of live weekly webinars, access to their online resource center, one-on-one conversations with their support staff, and specialized training groups.

Advisors learn while they earn, meaning they are able to maximize their income while still learning life-changing skills. Most importantly, advisors are not restricted by their physical location. They can advise clients from all across the country from the comfort of their home office.

Blue Coast has mastered cash-saving services that businesses are just simply too busy to do. And, with a revolutionary business model that puts their advisors first, Hull has built a business that is not only set to survive during any economy, but it is also set to thrive.

And with companies desperately looking for ways to save money, they’re looking for the right type of individual who can help.

“The thing I look for in professionals is if they can build relationships with C-Suite executives,” Hull said. “We are pioneering our services so location doesn’t mean much because our advisors can sit from the comfort of their home office and present clients around the country.”


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