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With the world of technology continually evolving, giving rise to opportunities, it also becomes the central point for cyber crime, cyber attacks and industrial espionage. We now have highly skilled and financially motivated hackers carrying out well-planned cyber crimes thus forcing organizations both SME’s and large-scale enterprises to take responsibility for their own cyber-security by implementing effective cyber-security solutions. However, the scope of cyber-security is not limited to just securing information and equipping oneself in the event of a cyber attack but rather taking measures to prevent these cyber crimes from occurring. Essentially, organizations need to prepare for ‘if’ and not ‘when’ cyber attacks occur. Ultimately, advancing technologies in tandem with new cyber tools and cyber threats coming to light each day are not only propelling organizations to take steps towards securing their infrastructure but also how these businesses are in need of new platforms and intelligence to do so.

Coming to the fore is France headquartered ITrust, with its artificial intelligence powered cyber-security solutions leveraged by its team of technically adept professionals possessing deep industry-rich experience and domain expertise. The team of engineers seamlessly manage the most complex security processes and provide a holistic and highly advanced report of the myriad of security operations performed.

Established in 2007, the company’s specialities lie in information security, vulnerability management, penetration testing, forensics, vulnerability audits, security consulting, software development, PCA/PRA, ethical hacking, and Artificial Intelligence. The products and solutions offered can be packaged within its SOC platform (Security Operations Centre) which is the Control and Supervision Centre that is based on tools, expert teams, procedures and reporting managed by the company that supervises all or part of the security of the organization as per the client’s requirements. This permits the client to utilise these saved resources of money and time within the core business of the organization.

Effectively Eliminating Cyber

The key to optimized security is to efficiently manage the vulnerabilities within the organization. Perfectly understanding this is ITrust with its core offering, IKare, a vulnerability management solution that has been designed and developed post understanding the market needs. The solution has been built to effectively analyze computer networks and detect improperly configured devices, weak failures or passwords, and un-updated applications. The product assists both small and large businesses, once deployed, to help maintain a secure computing environment. Taking huge strides in decreasing cybersecurity risks, the product performs ongoing assessments to detect new vulnerabilities beforehand and accelerates risk correction.

Delving deeper into this offering, IKare is extended to its customers as a virtual machine for internal deployment and / or as a service to perform on-demand scans from ITrust’s infrastructure. It can be deployed on-site on an immediate basis which is Agentless and Scalable for Wide Area Networks. Once deployed, the offering performs continual monitoring to prevent new vulnerabilities and reduce exposure risks. The product has been engineered with an intuitive user interface with a list of alerts prioritized according to the level of emergency thereby ensuring the prevention and remediation of risks at a faster pace. This feature-rich product proffers a full control of scans policy including authenticated scans for more accurate results along with an automatic update of the vulnerability database and new versions.
In conjunction with this, the product is also designed to perform scans from the cloud in SaaS mode. It boasts of high flexibility that promises reduction or increase of audit perimeter according to immediate needs. It is fully hosted in France in order to respect data sovereignty conditions. The implementation of this offering demands no subscription or major investment. In fact, the Service Level Agreement is guaranteed by selected partners.

Harnessing the Power of Behaviour-based Intrusion Detection Offering

Another key offering developed by ITrust is Reveelium, a behavioural analysis engine, which detects weak signals and anomalies in information systems. In essence, it is an intelligent algorithm-based anomaly detection system that ITrust has been developing for a span of five years with the support of three international laboratories. “We have a different way of working in our labs. We are specialists and we are trying to continually adapt our algorithm to the host of attacks that continue to surface, as we are using an AI system. We are trying to train the AI system to not only discover existing attacks but also anticipate what could be footprints to a possible attack in the information systems,” informs David Ofer, Vice President at ITrust.

Mitigating any security concerns regarding an organizations computer network such as safeguarding a customer’s network from viruses, unauthorized intrusions and data loss is ITrust’s 360° Flash Audit offering. Developed by a team of skilled engineers, the 360° Flash Audit has been built to deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective view of potential intrusive risks and their implications for strategic data, infrastructure risks, its operations and internal organization, issues related to legal obligations including profession and the overall strengths and weaknesses of the information system.

As for intrusive audits, the 360° Flash Audit is carried out in four successive phases which commences with an analytical approach via a questionnaire based on ISO 27001, 27002, 27005 and covering close to 50 technical and organizational fundamentals. This is followed by an external intrusion test that is performed remotely and the realization of an architecture audit. Lastly, an analysis is carried out and the results are amalgamated to draft a consolidated technical report.

Assuring Superior Levels of Customer Satisfaction

With a market presence of over a decade, the company has worked with over 100 well-renowned clients and pride themselves in the client’s rate of satisfaction reflecting over 90 percent. David goes on to tell us how his company is positioned at the center of the European Cybersecurity Ecosystem, as co-founder of the Digital Place ICT cluster, the Union of Professional Penetration Testers and the PRISSM Think Tank (reuniting all IT security professionals from the Occitania region, South-West of France).

Gearing Up for the Future

Carving a niche for itself in this domain, the company has gained global recognition for its work and received the International IT Innovation Trophy in 2015 and is acknowledged by the French state as one of its most innovative technologies. Having gained a strong foothold in this domain, ITrust will continue to stay abreast the wave of trending technologies and deliver value-added products and services to its customers. In parallel with this, the company envisions expanding its reach and increasing its global footprint with new geographically dispersed offices and launching into partnerships across different countries that will strive to promote ITrust’s technologies across the globe.


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