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The US is facing an impending chronic pain crisis as over 25% of US citizens suffer from chronic pain, which is seen as one of the most common reasons for outpatient visits. Chronic pain is associated with reduced quality of life, increased medical expenditures, and significant economic costs. The failure to manage chronic pain and the opioid dependence associated with chronic pain can result in significant morbidity and mortality. For many years, it has remained a focus for primary care providers to manage and treat chronic pain better.

“We are different than other commonly used medical devices, therapeutic products, and even pharmaceutical drugs, that treat symptoms resulting in only short-term benefits. In contrast, our products treat the cause”

As a subject and area of research, medicine and devices for pain management has seen numerous developments in recent times. While the use of opioid has shown great results in pain management, issues associated with their potential for abuse has challenged the practice of prescribing them at high levels.. However, new advancements in technology with non–invasive laser therapy, now referred to as photobiomodulation, primarily with high power Class IV photobiomodulation-assisted treatment has proven to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation, while improving range of motion and movement resulting in accelerated healing and recovery. Some doctors are seeing patients reduce and sometimes eliminate their opioid use, while retaining patients in treatment, and reducing the risk of the patient going back to using opioids.

Aspen Laser has been actively working on photobiomodulation- assisted treatment with their range of products. They are the only company that provides both Class IV therapy lasers (Aspen Laser) with full-body LED light therapy systems (TheraLight). Their FDA cleared lasers utilize advanced laser therapy systems that provide “targeted” treatments to specific body parts, for example, the back, to treat chronic back pain. Their LED light therapy systems provide full-body treatments for wellness and enhanced health.

A growing number of recently published studies are validating the effectiveness of both technologies.

Charles Vorwaller, President & CEO at Aspen Laser, met recently with the CEOViews team sharing their 35-year journey and success story.

Man on a Mission

As a young man, Charles enjoyed science and biology and planned on becoming a doctor. While he was in college, he took a class on marketing and heard a lecture from an entrepreneur who developed a medical product that he built into a large company selling products worldwide. The “light” went on in his mind, and he made a decision that he would do something similar. After graduating from college, he worked for a medical device company that manufactured phototherapy products for infants with jaundice. Over the next 34 years, he was involved in several light and laser companies. Although there was a success at each of these companies, he always believed that there was more that he wanted to do with research and new product development. Seven years ago, Charles decided to go out on his own and launched the Aspen Laser Company. Since then, he has been a “man on a mission” to develop new and better products in his pursuit to help doctors help their patients.

Aspen Laser has remained focused on therapy lasers which are medical lasers that are different than surgical or aesthetic lasers.

“We are different than other commonly used medical devices, therapeutic products, and even pharmaceutical drugs, that treat symptoms resulting in only short-term benefits. In contrast, our products treat the cause”

Innovations In Therapy Lasers

Since its founding the Company has consistently conducted research and development of innovative and unique technologies as Aspen Laser partners with healthcare professionals and listens to their needs. The result of this has been a number of new laser models developed over the years, including their newest laser launched in mid-2020, the Apex Laser system that incorporates multiple wavelengths, multiple power levels, multiple operating modes and is the first high power laser with 1064nm wavelength.

Innovations in Therapy LED Light

In 2018, the Company in response to requests for a full body treatment system, developed a new product, the TheraLight 360 utilizing LED technology with many of the same features and benefits of the Aspen Laser, but in an advanced and unique full body design. Shortly after product development and initial sales, the product was spun off into a new and separate company, TheraLight.

Since then, the TheraLight product has become the number one (#1) selling full body LED system in the US.

Our Products And Technologies Provide Better Outcomes By Revolutionizing Treatment Penetration, Dosage Levels and Treatment Results

What makes Aspen Laser stand out?

  1. Values and Mission

Aspen Laser’s mission statement is “A laser for every practice.”

They believe that every practice can benefit from their products. The Company’s lasers provide a new clinical tool that provides in-office treatments that are typically 10 minutes and do not take space or the doctor’s time as a trained staff member administers them. They can be administered as standalone treatments or combined with other therapeutic modalities.

  1. People

Aspen Laser is comprised of a number of highly experienced individuals that are hard-working and care for what they do. As a company, they believe in treating each employee the best. They provide training and flexibility when needed that best supports each individual.

They are also a Family Business, with two sons in key management roles: Chief Operating Officer, Justin Vorwaller, MBA, and VP Marketing, Chase Vorwaller. Charles’s wife, Kathy Vorwaller, is also involved in the operations of the Company. As a family business, they are each committed and passionate in all aspects of the company operations and its products.

  1. Innovation

The Aspen Laser technology is based on over 35 years of research, testing, and usage of various laser operating parameters. The Company’s current technology and products are significantly different from competitor lasers that are typically low power, referred to as cold lasers or low-level lasers, and limited in their ability to provide positive clinical outcomes. The Company offers the longest warranty for each of their products; and provides extensive product and clinical training, in addition to turnkey practice marketing and support.

What’s ahead?

According to Vorwaller. the Company’s future looks very bright. In 2020, it made the INC5000 list of fastest growing privately owned companies and was the only medical laser company on the list. In 202I, it received a five-year GSA contract to sell to VA hospitals.

As the Company’s sales increase, it is looking to expand beyond the US market. It has generated a lot of interest from international customers and is applying for approvals in a number of countries, including Canada, Australia, and Europe. They are also applying for ISO 13485 Certification, the global standard and certification for quality, which it plans to obtain in 2022; and is a key requirement for entry into many countries. New product innovation will continue to drive the company forward into the future, with the anticipated launch in 2022 for a new laser model the NeuroLaser for treating the brain non -invasively. After years of research that include published studies for conditions such traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and dementia, the technology is showing great promise as a new treatment option for millions suffering with various brain conditions.

Today, Vorwaller remains a “man on a mission” and stated that the best satisfaction comes at the end of each day from knowing their products are making a difference improving the quality of life for patients while elevating medical practices with enhanced clinical and financial outcomes.

Aspen Laser technology

Photo: Aspen Laser made the INC5000 and the only medical laser company on the list.

Chase Vorwaller, VP Mktg, Charles Vorwaller, President, Justin Vorwaller, COO (from L to R)

“The Aspen Laser technology is based on over 35 years of research, testing, and usage of various laser operating parameters.”

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