Paddy  Padmanabhan, the founder of Appnomic started the company using his knowledge of architecting a core banking solution and battling performance issues plaguing client applications with high transaction volumes. In most cases, the performance issues were not code related and finding the root cause was a cumbersome task, involving elimination or seeking the cause and effect relationship between overall usage load and system behavior. On the lookout for a way to quickly solve the problem and provide a lasting solution, he found that he could potentially replicate the actions and decision-making criteria into a learning system, taking cognitive actions, and preventing problems from occurring. This led to the establishment of Appnomic, the industry’s first AI implementation in Application Performance and self-healing abilities.


With a lot of companies positioning themselves as AI Ops with similar messaging, even though many of them only address AI Ops partially, the system got cluttered. Appnomic’s complete strategic pivot to self-healing brings clarity to its customers and partners and demonstrates immediate value. It is the industry’s first self-healing software that can predict and prevent problems before they happen. “Our newly branded product, HEAL, is a new age IT software using AI algorithms and machine learning models to help enterprises operate without a hitch,” says Nitin Kumar, CEO, Appnomic. The company’s self-healing solutions are capable of solving a very specific problem, opening partnering opportunities for it.

Contrary to reactive AI-driven monitoring tools that send alerts when an incident occurs, HEAL can recognize signals that are leading indicators of future incidents and eliminate factors that can create problems. It uses unsupervised AI to learn how a system works under normal circumstances and creates a dynamic baseline for the entire system and workload behavior, predicting and preventing problems. HEAL uses multiple proprietary machine learning techniques that are developed and patented by Appnomic.

The recent paradigm shift in IT operations and the diagnosis of application health has shifted the focus of IT operations from fast detection and problem fixing to preventive self-healing whereby digital enterprises prevent problems before they ever occur. The self-healing model benefits the user as they see fewer service disruptions, as well as the IT operations teams and businesses as higher uptime makes their product more attractive. Traditional reactive models are not capable of prior warning, to protect the system from sudden crashing as it cannot warn against any unnatural behavior beforehand. This can be a serious issue for the online trading platform.

“But with the preventive approach the world is a better place for enterprises,” adds Nitin. With this, the end-users will rarely encounter any problem as most potential issues are eliminated before they cause outage or performance degradation. This ensures better customer experience and higher retention rates. Moreover, IT teams need not waste time and energy on discovering issues as the preventative AI program automatically detects anomaly signals and finds the source so that problems can be fixed before they affect the user.

Appnomic offers HEAL to various industries including financial services, telecommunication service providers, digital media, eCommerce and SaaS. A financial services customer with $ 150 billion assets under management uses HEAL to prevent incidents. With the disruption in online banking services causing downtime, the company was facing issues of bad customer experience and loss of revenue. Moreover, in a complex environment due to multiple silos, its monitoring and AI Ops tools also became ineffective. But Appnomic’ HEAL platform offered the company preventive self-healing by eliminating issues that lead to failures. HEAL also conducts early warning signal detection on massive data volumes and at all levels of the stack, preventing transaction failure and downtime. The company witnessed more than 15 percent lift in transactions and more than 60 percent reduction of developer time invested in fixing incidents.

Appnomic has expanded its sales, marketing and presales presence in US and EMEA. Focusing on the global expansion and continuing innovation for the next two years, the company is planning to expand its partnerships and a direct presence in multiple geographies. Appnomic is also planning to expand its HEAL product line with solutions from cloud to edge.


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