While she was looking for an answer about how to adequate her vocation after her studies, Marla Bojorge,CEO, Bojorge & Associates, wrote and presented  “Bojorge  &  Associates”  as her company, which was dedicated to providing legal guidance services to foreigners both natural and legal persons in English. As her business project got selected to be presented on the final day of the course to the representative of the Dona Institute, Marla could already predict her company’s success. After that, she went to New York and China for training and learning and eventually set up the company.

Bojorge & Associates is working towards the improvement of communication networks and their access to people to make it simple and affordable.

There exists a multitude of rules in Spain, to which adding the regulations of the European Union is a must for a member country due to the international treaties signed by Spain. Bojorge & Associates look into this area to streamline the life of foreigners in Spain, as well as residents.

The company offers customized solutions depending on its client’s problems. For example, some foreigners think that they can do it all by reading the internet, without consulting a lawyer just to save time and perhaps, avoid paying fees. Bojorge & Associates listen to foreigners or companies, understand the problem and develop a customized solution, so the suit fits. On the contrary, the Human Resources team contacts the company by themselves and explains the matter and leaves it in the hands of Bojorge & Associates. “I can prune the tree from the top and make it grow without bad weeds around,” says Marla.

Bojorge & Associates is working towards the improvement of communication networks and their access to people to make it simple and affordable. In Spain, many advances have been made by introducing novelties and improvements in 4G and 5G mobile telephony, as well as the internet network. This calls for taking care of the security to access reliable content.

The company has solved some cases in very delicate situations. It solved a case where a mother requested her desire to not modifying her traditions regarding the birth of her son. In Spain, people, in general, think that all foreigners want to stay in Spain or get nationality. But in this case, the mother did not want her son to get Spanish nationality, although in reality, in Spain, nationality is not acquired by being born in Spanish territory. Bojorge & Associates helped her to have her delivery in her home country and return with her baby to Spain. Another example was a client who was involved in a serious problem with transnational consequences and everything was solved smoothly. Marla walked on eggshells for solving this case.

The company stays up to date on technology and that is the secret behind the progress made by it. Occasionally Bojorge & Associates also participate in national and European events related to legal guidance services. It makes thorough the legal needs of her clients and the research of the market to understand the potential challenges in the field of legal guidance services and fill the existing gaps.


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