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For companies dealing with the business of supply chain management of food products, sustainability, efficiency and infrastructure has always been a primary consideration. From storage to packaging and distribution, ensuring systemic approach towards management can help bridge the gap. Effective warehousing and transportation logistics streamlines the company’s supply chain. Advantech Supply Chain Solutions identified the management pattern and followed the same with its food-grade warehousing and transportation logistics services based out of Toronto, Canada. Adam Gueran, President and COO of Advantech Supply Chain Solutions spoke with the CEO Views team to share insight into how they are driving the organisation to thwart market competition.

Inception and Mission

Adam Gueran and his partner Victor Rabba started their journey in 2019 as they set out to be the premier food grade warehouse in the GTA. They bought the assets and took over the lease from a company that had been in business for 25 years and with a good lease and a couple of clients quickly turned the business around within a few months.


Adam from the beginning has not only focused on the business growth but also their primary focus was on customer service. So, in a short time they opened a full-service freight company. Speaking about their business journey, Adam shared, “It has been exciting

and we really hit the ground running. We were in a great spot when we opened in 2019 as we focus on the food industry. With our extensive contacts between us, we have grown from 150,000 square feet to over 1,500,000 square feet in a short time.”

With buildings covering all areas of need as such, ambient, cooler and frozen they have been able to handle the needs of some of the biggest food companies in the world and have branched out into B.C. Now Adam is looking at Calgary as well as Halifax for the coming year.


Advantech Supply Chain Solutions is committed to provide exceptional warehousing and freight services through the best systems and by engaging the best people with over 20 years of experience. Adding more to it Adam shared, “Mark MacLean, Vice President of Operations in the warehouse comes with so much experience and he wants to share his valuable insights with warehouse stuff for smooth work process. Christina Cranston, Vice President of Operations in the freight side has been around the transportation world for a long time, having run some of the largest brokerages in Canada. Because of her experience we have been able to start from zero and grow the freight business with ease.”

Providing exceptional services

Advantech Supply Chain Solutions focuses on end-to-end supply chain involving a complete integrated process by providing clients everything they need from warehousing ambient, cooler, freezer storage, pick pack, kitting, destuffing containers to freight services including truck load LTL and drayage in major ports across North America. To optimise routing, the team focus on freight analysis and develop the best business plan for the food clients dealing with the major retailers.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the goal always remains to ensure that all activities are well-organised, managed and maintained.

 Standing out among competitors

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the goal always remains to ensure that all activities are well-organised, managed and maintained. A single mistake or miscommunication can lead to consequences effecting the speed and efficiency of services. Adam shared, “We know logistics from end to end and departmental heads of our management team are all industrial experts with years of experiences. Our business growth is simply to provide client services. In the warehouse market clients often get neglected and miss treated by competitors . We go above and beyond to provide clients different ways to get there goods moved, stored and delivered to their clients in ways that are cost effective and with the level of service that make them stand out to their customers.”

Industrial expertise

Knowing and understanding market trends is crucial for advancement. Industrial knowledge is the key to ensure a successful implementation in business especially in this dynamic industry. It can be something as simple as listening to and identifying the client needs. Industry expertise is a point of difference that makes the business stand out in the crowd. And when you tailor your services to different industries, you require different set of actions. Advantech Supply Solution though mostly works in the food industry, they also deal with packaging, electronics and some of the largest retailers in Canada.

Adam believes, “it is because we listen to our clients and identify their needs, which my competitors don’t, it gives our clients flexibility and comfort knowing we will work and grow with them.”

Knowing and understanding market trends is crucial for advancement.

Technological advancement

As market is rapidly transitioning to e-commerce platforms that operates 24/7, focusing more on auto-mated technological operations is becoming crucial than relying on costly human labours. Technological advancement boosts the logistics of operations, auto- matically eliminates the concept of errors and improves the productivity and efficiency of service for end customers. Adam feels that their systems are the big reason that help them to move the volumes and grow at the pace where they can set up and onboard a client in just a couple of days.

Future trends

With the rising cost of raw materials and global headwinds, the emerging market trend that the warehouse sector is currently witnessing is the rental increments. Adam thinks the biggest challenge in the sector is going to be the enormously high rent for space. The spurring demand for warehousing spaces has phase up the spike in the curve for newer trends in standardise spacing and warehouse capacity.

With an integrated system of operation and management, Advantech Supply Chain Solutions is heavily focusing on customer satisfaction by improving, innovating and providing effective warehouse and freight services, taking advantage of every opportunity to expand.

Advantech Supply Chain Solutions


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