Accelerer was founded by Raechelle McLean in 2007 with the mission to help businesses make meaningful and long-lasting changes to their businesses by tapping into Raechelles extensive experience working on complex and dynamic projects. The core focus is to always provide pragmatic and actionable strategies which businesses can execute and continue to evolve.

Accelerer focuses on providing a holistic change offering to our clients and this includes leadership coaching and transformation, organisational change, delivery and implementation, and also deep diving into metrics, analysis, and much more. Accelerer is one of the few a one-stop change practices that can deliver complex end-to-end projects in-house and on time.

Making change simpler and easier for people to adopt is important for Accelerer as people are tired of the constant changes the pandemic introduced and now more than ever are looking for work-life balance and meaning from their jobs. Keeping people engaged, aware, consulted, and informed is critical for any change program. The team keeps the engine rooms of client organizations front of mind and creates strategic change pathways to link enterprise vision into strategic people actions.

In a world where change is fluid, the pace at which organizations are pivoting and adapting to market needs, Accelerer is seeing a greater need for realistic change management. Agile change has been something that has come to light since 2015, with more organizations moving to agile ways of working. Transition can be difficult for some, at what point do the governance activities for finance and procurement processes impede the ability of the business to pivot. Early on in the shift to agile Accelerer’s team identified that it needed to be able to transition through a change in a similar way.

Accelerer works with a range of Federal Government clients and they always approach things with a very different mindset than the private sector. With a focus on being mindful of taxpayers and serving the community as their customers, it increases the need for specific activities, such as heavy consultation and engagement. Business experience can sometimes be limited compared to the private sector with regards to best practices and ways of working so we focus on what will shift their people from point A to point B. What works in one may not work in the other, if required they provide coaching on business activities along the way. By understanding the organization, their business, and change maturity, the team tailors change of activities to simplify the outcomes and grow with their capability over time.

A big focus with every client we work with is creating practical ways to understand and consume change, and in most cases embedding the capability into leaders. As change professionals, the team strives to remove some of the mysteries around how to navigate the world of change. Accelerer uses easy-to-understand language, whilst working in the background to ensure that best practice change models and methodologies underpin the work.

Accelerer is structured such that each industry lead has extremely deep knowledge of their sector, which have predominantly focused on the major players within the enterprise market. These clients have had significant needs over the last 10 years which has been compelling the team to focus. Human Capital Management is a personal focus area for Accelerer as we partner with software vendors and create lasting relationships to keep on top of the trends within the market. Like Accelerer, HCM focuses on the people elements of a software transaction, and the people within the organization are their customers. The world of HCM is highly aligned with the Accelerer vision of working with the organization to serve its people in the best way possible.

Accelerer’s point of difference is the ability to become chameleons in their client’s organisations and work with them to truly understand the challenges and seek to provide opportunities. Building relationships that are open, and honest and provide for 2-way feedback is imperative to deliver changes right every time. They also ensure there are check-points after the work is wrapped up and provide some additional support to understand “what’s next” rather than moving into “what can we help with next”.

A good change manager will look towards what you need to do for the lifecycle of the program or the implementation. A great change consultant will look at what has occurred prior that has led to the problem, work with you on strategic outcomes and make recommendations on navigating out of the problem, and stick around to support your business to land things safely. Accelerer also likes to include a check-in down the track to understand what has shifted, whether it has eroded or enhanced the outcomes, and guide you on the continuous improvement points.

Their team helps to understand the problems the organization is trying to solve and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks. Some of the clients use horizons, some use phases, some use tranches, in the end, it is iterative work to land tangible and practical outcomes, without breaking their business and most importantly, their people.

Our agile internal framework ensures that you always get the right team for your project. Accelerer’s extensive and extended network of industry executives ensures that we can scale up or down and respond to very complex projects with the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions and ensures that our clients always get the best possible outcomes without any resourcing bottlenecks.

Accelerer is fortunate enough to be in a growth phase, with a heavy market focus on getting the right people in for the job. Working with national brands across Australia and are looking to expand this work into the APAC market to support organizations with their change activities. The hybrid ways of working, coupled with the ability to travel for critical path actions bring together the new ways of working and delivering outstanding outcomes for all. Locally for Australia, in late 2021 Accelerer received Labour Hire License for Victoria Australia, and are assisting clients with skilled resources for works, and are working within this area in a targeted manner. It gives the ability to support client requirements directly and reduces their need to use outsourced recruitment partners to double-hop candidates into roles.



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