One of the leading software solution providers for contact centers and back office teams, ZOOM International’s strategy to win is straightforward: simplification, centralization and speed. The company believes that finding critical customer interactions requires the ability to search across all channels including phone calls, emails, chats, and texts, with as much ease as one has while searching for something on Google. Thus, in an attempt to leverage customer interactions in the simplest way possible, ZOOM invested heavily, developing features leveraging a leading cloud native search engine Solr. ZOOM’s integration of the Solr search analytics engine allows corporations to easily comb through all captured interactions with their customers – past and present, to perform quality management, improve customer experience and engagement. Moreover, ZOOM’s proprietary survey technology closes the feedback loop by capturing customer sentiment at the point of interaction.

The primary goal for ZOOM International is to create great customer experiences and serve the needs of others. Focusing on this singular goal, the company developed platforms that would help capture and react to customers’ sentiment in near real-time and research on automated NPS surveys, analytics, workflow, notifications and customer experience processes to create an exceptionally positive sentiment from customers requesting support. ZOOM products share a similar set of capabilities with their clients to help elevate every encounter with their own customers and provide consulting expertise around improving NPS scores and customer sentiment.

ZOOM’s product platform consists of cloud-native components and boasts a hosting friendly architecture that can be easily managed as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid system. All new features are housed in Kubernetes clusters with Docker containers for use on-premise or in the cloud and can be deployed and supported using dev ops techniques. Their software platform also provides enterprise-level performance and speech analytics solutions where customizable reports, dashboards, and analysis can be performed on everything from customer sentiment to how long their voice was raised on a particular call.

ZOOM currently has over 2200 customers and partners in 94 countries worldwide covering nearly every industry category from healthcare to back-office teams for legal departments. Their software platform is flexible, often hosted by partners for their customers or on-premise at customer’s site or in the cloud. ZOOM solutions also cater to the high compliance need industries like healthcare, finance or government as it has features designed for GDPR, PCI, MIFID II compliance and for industries where operational effectiveness is critical. To simplify compliance and quality processes, the company has developed a single product feature to review all omnichannel customer interactions in one place and offer a performance analytics package that can allow external data from a CRM, HR system or other relevant data points for centralized reporting and insightful analytics.

Even though companies have multiple unified communications systems to integrate with internal teams who follow unique processes, every customer has unique installation needs. To help such companies, Zoom’s professional services enable their clients to reflect their service first culture with enough structure to govern customer engagements but are flexible enough to handle their unique needs. Even tickets not related to ZOOM software issues, but still reported to ZOOM are kept open until resolved by the source. The company’s support team performs a soft handoff to the other software support team and stays engaged until the problem is resolved.

As a well-established workforce engagement management (WEM) software provider ZOOM continues to make significant investments for improving customer experience, increasing agent engagement and implementing new technologies like AI and machine learning for their customers while also focusing on producing real results. ZOOM measures itself against the latest trends using customer feedback, industry experts, internal analysis and through recognition by third parties in the form of awards. In 2019, ZOOM was recognized by Gartner’s WEM magic quadrant, by The American Business Awards with 2 Stevie’s and as One to Watch by CRM Service Awards.

With a stratospheric NPS score of 87, ZOOM International added 142 new customers and achieved 12.3 per cent growth in 2018 without external investment. The company has a strategy to continue to increase customer counts and revenue every year and has invested heavily into cloud-native technologies, advanced analytics and are laser-focused on serving their customers as a basic tenant of their culture. As part of the investment in 2018, they added a new development center in Kosice Slovakia and staffed it with several new development teams to invest in continuous delivery, cloud-native patterns and new product features. ZOOM’s plan is to continue serving customers and win more businesses worldwide.


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