Warehouse As Office Space

Traditional business owners take a rigid approach towards running their ventures. But the American e-commerce domain has a new breed of entrepreneurs who think differently and take a flexible approach to business. As a result, you are likely to witness outside-the-box ideas in the industry. One such innovation is the use of warehouses as office spaces. Many new ventures are embracing the idea and it makes sense due to the variety of benefits it offers. Let us explain why you must consider going double-duty with your warehouse space.

Promotes productivity and communication

E-commerce operations are often complex, specifically when it comes to managing warehousing and logistics. If your core team operates from a different location, collaborating with the warehousing personnel can be daunting. But running everything from a single location gives you an advantage. Your team can be more productive as collaboration and communication get smoother. It also enables better supervision as your managers can keep track of the entire operations and take necessary actions to address bottlenecks.

Facilitates cost savings

Money is always a constraint for businesses, and you must grab every saving opportunity you can. Running an office and warehouse separately can burn a hole in your wallet. You have to bear the burden of rent, overheads, and maintenance expenses at two different locations. Bundling them together facilitates extensive cost savings as you can save on rental, energy bills, and more. You end up spending less on operations in the long run. You cut the costs to a fraction and can allocate the savings for managing other growth-critical aspects.

Offers growth opportunities

Having a warehouse space that doubles up as an office opens new growth opportunities for your business. Not surprisingly, sellers across the US are keen to join the bandwagon. You can consider extending your product line without worrying about material storage and handling because you can manage everything in your presence. If you run a business in Atlanta, find a 3pl atlanta provider that offers a temperature control facility. You will not have to think twice about diversifying into the perishable goods segment as a part of your expansion plans down the line.

Provides room for creativity

The best thing about setting up your office in warehouse space is that you have plenty of room for creativity. You can change its style and decor according to your preference. Modern providers offer several amenities such as conference rooms, a dining or kitchen area, and even a photo studio. You can even play with more design elements and create a layout that makes people more productive at work. Just get as creative as you can, and the design opportunities can be endless when you run an office from a warehouse.

Using a warehouse space as an office is a good idea, even more, when warehousing is a crucial aspect of your business operations. You have fewer things to manage with everything being under the same roof. Not to mention, you can reap the benefits of significant cost savings and higher efficiency in the long run.


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