Back in the late 1960s, health insurers began expanding drug coverage, and they got tangled up in the sheer volume of claims with these prescriptions and then came to a bold business idea, why not make a profit by processing these drug claims for them. So, Pharmacy Benefit Managers took the messy task out of the insurer’s hand, and that is how Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) was born.

Lisa Quarterman, CEO and Managing Partner of VativoRx, has overseen pharmacy benefit management programs for patients, TPAs, and self-insured organizations since 1993. After many years of work in this field, Lisa Quarterman, along with Michael Bogachek, COO of VativoRx, has established the organization by introducing technology into the market place to provide seamless benefits to customers with high-level services.  VativoRx provides a quick, simple, efficient solution with proven outcomes by combining advanced technology with proactive clinical management in the claims process. The senior management of the organization records over 100 years, combined in pharmacy operations and management of pharmaceutical benefits.

VativoRx is an innovative PBM, which develops and operates prescription benefit programs that provides cost savings on formulary and non-formulary medications to the company and stake-holders, and provide service through technically superior systems.

“VativoRx is an innovative PBM, which develops and operates prescription benefit programs that provide cost savings on formulary and non-formulary medications to the company and stakeholders, and provide service through technically superior systems,” says Lisa Quarterman. VativoRx works with a mission that states ‘Healthy is more than just a mindset’. It is not necessary to be a Fortune 500 company to reap the benefits of a dedicated pharmacy benefits management program. VativoRx serves middle-market businesses, third-party administrators, hospice organizations, small and large business organizations, government, and HMOs with pharmaceutical benefits management customized to suit each organization’s specific needs and priorities and members. VativoRx offers a combination of fiduciary responsibility and sensitivity to the wellbeing of members and concerns about a powerful influence on the prescription drug program.

Through pharmacy benefits management, VativoRx provides a genuine alternative to the status quo. Clients don’t have to pick between the largest providers’ size and buying power, and the smaller ones’ versatility and agility. Between the two, VativoRx delivers the best. The organization puts the needs of individual clients and those of its members at the service center. In order to enhance health outcomes, VativoRx connects pharmacists, physicians, and caregivers with prescription data, providing clinical knowledge, technology, and scale to minimize payer costs while improving member’s health.

VativoRx delivers the most versatile, innovative, and comprehensive framework for the processing of claims, adapting with speed and accuracy practically any gain configuration or ad hoc modifications. VativoRx claims processing software features provide versatile flexibility for claims management and enable robust system management. VativoRx maximizes efficiency and service delivery through a strategic collaboration that provides forward-thinking and scalable clinical management approaches and cutting-edge technology to achieve current and future goals in program management. The integrated model includes all those participating in the continuum of care, including the representatives of the company and the physicians and pharmacists who represent them.

The company was established six years ago, and as every new company faces challenges while building and making it a name, VativoRx was not an exception for the same. The founding members were not known as someone’s who is going to give up, so they went on and overcame the challenges by educating people and giving them a chance to interact and know about the facilities. People are usually afraid of change because they fear the unknown. VativoRx has established and proved its name by making people trust their brand and providing innovative solutions for its members.

VativoRx has developed an innovative, web-based cloud management app, which is the proprietary software of the organization. VativoRx’s mobile app offers valuable resources and knowledge for the members to ease their involvement in the management of their wellbeing through their prescription benefits. When participants set out their profiles and mark themselves as qualified, they are encouraged to take charge of their therapy cost management. The key feature of the mobile app is to make it easy for members to access accurate and individualized data.

The convenience and flexibility of the mobile app enable members to locate pharmacies in a specific area with zip code search or current location and view the detailed drug information, review their prescription history in detail and retrieve current claims in order date and perform price comparisons and identify lower-cost generics using the trial transaction functionality and refill prescriptions by voice.

In an innovative approach, VativoRx has helped the patients inside the jail by aiding them with their prescription formulations and also provided them with alternatives of medications. While processing the prescriptions of patients through VativoRx, the company ensures it collects all the possible rebates associated with qualifying prescriptions. VativoRx offers innovative, proactive, and targeted solutions to its members and ensures rebate management.

VativoRx has more than tripled the client base in limited time and has hired exceptional employees to provide services in a much innovative and profitable way. The organization has hired additional Sales Professionals throughout the country and plans to acquire new customers, and continue to grow its national client base. VativoRx is making the world a better place, with one prescription at a time!


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