Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Magazines

With the advent of technology, even traditional practices and methods have been updated in this high-paced world. Online media and magazines have become very important in the market also to gain awareness about technical whereabouts. As the industry adapts to more and more big data and artificial intelligence tools, voluminous changes and advances take place regularly. But how can you keep up to date on that?

The CEO Views aims to provide the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to connect with their industry peers. The passion and thirst for knowledge in business and technology have been the dominant reason why The CEO Views have emerged as a leader in its field. The upcoming editions of The CEO Views will cover technological areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and much more.

Well, here’s the list of the top 10 big data and artificial intelligence magazine that serve you all in one with perspectives, posts, opinions, leadership interviews, thoughts, and trends.

1. Analytics Insight Magazine

Analytics Insight is a platform for media, branding, and technology, emphasizing data-driven technology insights, trends, and opinions. Artificial intelligence processing, big data, company analytics, business intelligence, data management, IoT, cloud computing, and more are included. It is one of the major big data, analytics-based and artificial intelligence magazine. The Magazine publishes views and perspectives from top business leaders who share their journey, insights, comments, and expertise to grow successful companies.

2. Emerj

Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research is a forum where executives turn to learn how and what to do with AI affects their company. It is the industry’s source of authoritative market analysis and competitive intelligence for artificial intelligence business applications. Its mission is to give executives and decision-makers just what they need for competitive analysis in an artificial intelligence magazine. It also provides informed procurement of AI technologies and strategic planning around AI, jargon-free research, and market overviews.


DATAVERSITY is a producer of training resources for professionals in business and information technology (IT). It deals in the area of data use and management. The DATAVERSITY team aims to provide its global group of professionals, experts, and developers with high-quality content. It engages in and benefits from face-to-face conferences, free online events, live webinars, white papers, online training, regular news, articles, and blogs. The goal of DATAVERSITY is to provide the single best source of education for everyone who works with data.

4. Datafloq

With big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies, Datafloq offers knowledge, insights, and opportunities for driving innovation. One can go through high-quality documents, find big data and technology vendors, discover or publish events, and register for their online training. Its mission is to help businesses identify emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. It is an excellent online portal for artificial intelligence magazine.

5. Dataconomy

Dataconomy is a leading site for the field of data-driven technology for reporting, events, and expert opinion. It is a global network of industry-renowned participants and local communities throughout Europe. Dataconomy focuses on business leaders and innovative start-ups, focusing on only the most exciting data technology applications.

6. Datanami

Datanami is a news site devoted to providing insight, analysis, and up-to-the-minute data on emerging developments and big data solutions. The portal sheds light on all cutting-edge technology and their effect on business, industry, government, and science, including networking, storage, and applications. The publication explores the explosion of volumes of data and the impact on the IT, enterprise, and commercial markets of the high-end data explosion.

7. Inside Big Data

Inside BIG DATA is a news source for data scientists as well as IT and industry practitioners. It distills news, tactics, products, and services in the field of Big Data. Big computer, data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning are its editorial focal points.

8. Database Trends and Applications

Database Trends and Applications is a magazine that covers the management of data and information, big data, and data science. Moreover, its website,, links visitors to white papers, webinars, and other field learning opportunities. Its magazine and website also provide advanced trend analysis and case studies that serve diverse IT and business stakeholders’ various data environments.

9. Information Management

Information Management offers market intelligence, analytics, and data management insights and analysis to IT leaders. It includes big data, business process management, cloud computing, master data management, governance, and more. It also involves IT decision-makers through a fully integrated media network of web, digital, mobile, and live events.

10. Analytics Magazine

Analytics Magazine is a website focused on big data, AI, machine learning, data analytics, and other new-age innovations that show articles and analysis reports. The platform offers a comprehensive understanding of disruptive innovations and their effect on the global economy and society. It is one of its kinds in the field of artificial intelligence magazine.


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