Investment Services

Financial institutions offer a range of investment services to handle one’s assets and investments. There is always a need for an investment service in one’s life, which includes more than merely buying and selling assets.

For your financial management, you need a strategy, either long or short-term that helps you acquire and dispose holdings for your portfolio. Due to the vast range of activities that financial management entails, you may require various kinds of services. Some of these include:

  • Tax services and duties
  • Budgeting
  • Banking and more

Anyone who owns an investment portfolio will have to manage their holdings. Moreover, they will also have to be very careful and precise in trading off the holdings if they wish to achieve a targeted investment objective.

Hence, there exist a range of investment services that financial institutions offer to help aid individuals, and even organizational investors.  We will discuss some of the most primary investment services you can avail further on. But before we do that, let’s take a look at what investment management is.

Investment Management- The Basics

The financial management or investment services strive to meet the investment goals a client has. The institutions offering these prioritize the benefits of the clients who entrust them with their money.

Financial institutions offer investment services to all kinds of investors; including institutional investors and independent investors. Those could relate to government funds, educational institutions, retirement plans, insurance companies and pension funds etc.

So what services does investment management generally entail? Some of those include the following:

  • Monitoring existing investments
  • Stock selection
  • Creation of portfolio strategy and implementing it
  • Advising services
  • Financial planning
  • Overseeing a clients portfolio
  • Aligning a client’s portfolio with their life goals and other assets
  • Handling various securities, including real estate, commodities, equities, bonds and financial assets
  • Management of real assets, such as artwork, commodities and precious metals etc.
  • Aligning investment with asset distribution, estate planning and matching requirement

Investors from the corporate finance world might need extended investment services as well. These may include optimal utilization and maintenance of the intangible and tangible assets of the company and their accountability.

Investment Services- A Broader Look

The distinction between investment and commercial services truly began to blur around the late 1990s. Now, banks offer a wider range of investment services all over the world. Let’s take a look at the top services below:

1. Services for Portfolio Management

Every investor has a different appetite for risks and a separate level of financial goals. Financial institutions offer their expert services for managing portfolios of clients and helping them achieve the right investment mix.

The right mix could include CDs, derivatives, commodities, bonds and stocks etc. When an investor seeks management of their portfolio, they must acknowledge the choice they must make between:

  • Growth, safety and international investments
  • Debt and equity

2. Management of Finances

 Money management does not come naturally to every investor. There are countless individuals, even organizations, who need help in ascertaining the sum they must have at their disposal for investing. Moreover, they must have detailed information of the investment choices they have and the financial options open to them.

These insightful details and money management help ensure that an investor receives maximized returns and tax rebates while minimizing risks.

3. Managing Collective Investment Portfolio

Are you hoping to compile a collective investment portfolio? Well, then banks offer a special investment service for that too. They provide expert advices on collective investments, including managed funds, ETFs and mutual funds. Moreover, if you’re an investor harboring an interest in hedge funds, then too the banks have professional advice to offer you.

These funds are those that have a specialized method for hedging risks, such as short selling.

4. Stock Market

Investment services also include offering stock market solutions for clients. There are multiple equity-linked products that clients can invest in and earn good profit from. When clients invest in the stock market, they receive returns that depend on capital appreciation.

This refers to the upgrade in the value of dividends, equity solutions and the payouts organizations make to their investors.

5. Wealth Management

Financial institutions offer their expertise as an investment service for helping customers invest and manage their wealth across a number of financial instruments. These include real estate, commodities, structured products, insurance products, mutual funds, debt equity, risk profile and more.

6. Retirement Planning Services

All investments services are useful but retirement planning is perhaps the most beneficial for all. Once you map out your retirement goals, you will then to make the right investment choices. These concern your pension plans, profit sharing plans and others.

Often one form of investment is not enough to provide a comfortable financial cushion and you may need an additional plan. This could include investing in money and financial markets to develop a steadier income stream post your retirement.

Hence, retirement planning is also a stellar investment service.

7. Brokerage Services

Investors trading in derivatives, foreign currency, stocks and bonds need the assistance and expertise of a broker. You will find a variety of banks offering reliable brokerage services. In fact, we see investors relying on and trusting banks more for brokerage services than independent brokers.

Final Thoughts

Financial institutions offer a range of investment services for investment management. These services typically undertake the handling of financial assets and other kinds of investments that clients make.

Professional investment managers ensure that every client’s financial portfolio strengthens. For this ends, they devise strategies, execute trades and perform other vital processes for the portfolio.


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