Staffs and managers of this technologically driven world need more enterprise mobile applications to make their daily work more convenient, efficient, and in real-time. Enterprises these days have very strong demand from their vendors, clients, and staff to access the original e-system on smartphones or PAD. But the CIO faces difficulty to develop Native APP to integrate with various e-systems. Moreover, enterprises need to resolve few problems such as lack of skillful iOS and Android programmers, outscoring team, and coping with the high budget of frequent updating of Mobile OS and Various Device Screen Size to maintain the security of personal devices. In this scenario, 5G technology has appeared like a blessing, though the technology is still under progress. iMobile Mind did thorough research and development in this area for 10 years to build an ISA APP Platform to combine all functions into one product to resolve all problems of migration of the e-system.

The company aims to devote more R&D towards Artificial Intelligence to integrate mobility and security.

IT industry has accepted that the ISAI APP Platform could assist the IT Department to migrate the original e-system very fast.  Moreover, ISAI could enhance the security of enterprise mobile systems and information. It can save at least 70 percent cost, time, and manpower to implement, develop, and protect various enterprise APP solutions. The biggest challenge for the company was to convince IT to accept the ISAI Tool Platform and not code native APP by them.  Thus iMobile Mind provides 30 days free trial program for enterprise in order to approve ISAI and realize the benefits it could bring for the IT Department, along with its ease of use and low cost.

iMobile Mind has spent many years in R&D and has built mobile application middleware and Independent PUSH Security Gateway. ISAI Middleware could use XML or HTML5 to integrate fast and easily with various enterprise systems including SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and other software vendors, and a self-developing system. With this, IT can implement many mobile applications for employees without coding iOS and Android. ISAI PUSH Server could be installed on the internet and has special application management, remote mobile data delete, and 2FA-Advanced AI Authentication to protect the security of all enterprise data and information on the user’s mobile devices. “ISAI APP Security can replace MDM for most of the enterprises,” says Shao Kang Chin, CEO, iMobile Mind.

The company has worked with Acer, a global famous high-tech company that has implemented the ISAI APP Platform for over 4 years for 16 countries and 8,000 global users. The IT Department incorporated ISAI to integrate the original Workflow and BI system as they had to spend only one month to migrate 56 BPM forms to implement mobile applications for their staff, saving 80 percent cost and time to migrate BPM mobility. They plan to spend 1.5 years to develop iOS and Android Native APP originally. ISAI also provides the company automatic APP update service to assure problem-free iOS and Android OS upgrades.

ISAI Security has been implemented in the finance, healthcare, manufactory, government, and retail industries. A hospital, Rong Zong Hospital accepted ISAI Mobile Security Platform, that allowed them to see different roles of doctor, nurses, and staff and use different applications on ISAI APP Portal. Users could log in to the mobile hospital system through the verification of ISAI 2FA APP. “It also has special SSL/AES Data decryption and remote to delete mobile data and protect enterprise data without them having to purchase expensive MDM that the staff was afraid to use due to privacy issues,” adds Shao.

The company aims to devote more R&D towards Artificial Intelligence to integrate mobility, and security and enable AI technology to provide the best enterprise platform in order to provide real-time information, security, and smart information for mobile workers. iMobile Mind has four operation offices in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, China and has 15 resellers in eight countries. The company plans to build six more offices in countries including South Asia and Europe.


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