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Whether people want to know the latest coverings on all tech-related topics or they want to know how the tech trends are evolving and impacting the other aspects, a magazine is a primary source for all this information. Some of the best technology review magazines in the industry offer the latest insights on all the latest happenings in the tech world. A lot of people, especially serious readers prefer to read the best magazines on the go to increase their knowledge base and keep them updated with the continually evolving world. However, most of them face a cloud of doubts when it comes to choosing technology-based magazines. One can never upgrade their knowledge of the tech world without reading relevant magazines. So, here’s the list of the best technology magazines every reader should follow. Let’s take a look:

  1. WIRED Magazine

WIRED is one of the top technology review magazine that talks about the latest and emerging technology, economy, and politics. It has both an online and print edition so it has an international subscription available for readers across the world. It’s a monthly American magazine which came into existence in the year 1993. People who’re interested in the latest happenings in the tech world, science world, or geek culture will find these magazines immensely helpful and entertaining as well.

2. MIT Technology Review

The primary purpose of MIT technology review magazine publishers is to make people informed and conscious about emerging technology. They offer powerful journalism in the tech world and till now it’s one of the best magazines to get reliable insights on technology. It talks about topics like artificial intelligence, pandemic technology projects, biotechnology, human and computer technology, tech policy, and more.

3. E&T Magazine

One of the most professional and world’s leading magazines is the E&T magazine. It offers the latest insights on science, technology, and engineering. The magazine has also won several awards for its amazing publications. It also covers topics such as energy, architecture, transport, IT & communication, etc. It’s a UK based magazine publication but people from around the world can take its international subscription and keep themselves updated.

4. Tech Advisor

Tech Advisor is also a technology-based magazine that provides the news, tricks, and reviews on the greatest and latest devices. This includes smart watches, smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and whatnot. Gadget lovers who want to make informed decisions before buying must read this magazine to take an unbiased review of any product. This helps the consumers to stay informed and updated.

5. Technowize

Technowize is another great magazine for all interested readers. It covers the latest news and gadget reviews. With its unique editorial vision, the magazine offers detailed insights on gadgets and tech news. People especially serious readers will find Technowize extremely helpful for growing their knowledge base. It has an online edition available which makes it easier for people to read it on-the-go.


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