Business intelligence (BI) is a tech-driven process that leverages software and services to turn data into actionable and practical knowledge familiar with strategic and tactical business decisions made by an organization. Because of several tools that allow all-sized organizations to evaluate metrics and vast quantities of data in real-time, BI is becoming a marketer’s routine. Marketing and sales departments in the companies can take advantage of this knowledge, plan strategies that target the right audience more accurately, and gain a better understanding of which programs yield the highest revenue.

Let’s take a look at the best ways, how BI can be applied to marketing.

Customer Identification

BI, combined with customer insights, can connect the entire operation of an organization into one centrally controlled solution. In the company’s data management program, customer data from CRM, email marketing, social media promotions, and website visits can be tracked. Even companies can use BI software to list customers by their order size, frequency, and productivity. These all are becoming very relevant for all company market areas, as consumers have now begun to communicate with an entity through various sites and networks using the website of businesses, social media channels, live chat tools, and others.

Strategy for Customized Sales

Comprehending the company of those they are seeking to deal with is also essential for marketing and sales teams. For a salesperson before selling them, he needs to know every aspect of a product. BI would, therefore, make the selling strategies of an organization more organized and productive. BI tools can provide all the data needed from the turnover, budget plans, future growth plans, revenue figures, competitors, among others, of the target business. This work will provide further knowledge to the sales and marketing team that will aid in assessing and planning sales pitch on that basis.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics and other BI tools have changed the way data are generated, analyzed, and harnessed by organizations. The best BI method for marketers is to envisage individual consumer behavior. As it notifies the automated email campaign of the sales team, they quickly send out the right marketing messages in the sales pipe for their point. It also helps advertisers to give discounts and coupons on their shopping cart to those close to walking out, so they can persuade customers to make a repeat purchase.

Boost Strategic Intelligence

BI will help businesses develop and strengthen their competitive advantage by using data efficiently and transform data into actionable insight. BI solutions make data available to approved users and allow them to interrelate from one stable, a centrally controlled data warehouse with competitive intelligence. It helps companies to make more informed decisions by rapidly using knowledge and efficient ways of accessing information. Getting a grip on what the collected data informs them is also essential because this leads to better business decisions and a more significant ROI.

Making a Business Model Efficient

Since the marketing department of a company has all the data, ranging from market insights, customer preferences, competitor industry strategies, they can work harder to make the business model of their company more sustainable and outcome-driven. As well as improving competitive intelligence and improving consumer intelligence, BI tools help the sales team scrutinize the company’s own data and analyze all of the external business knowledge.


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