Workforce Management

Thankfully, the old timecards of yesteryear don’t exist at most companies, in part because there is now software that does everything those cards used to do—usually more efficiently and at a lower price. After all, not having to constantly buy the timecards saves you a lot of money, and time is saved because processing the cards is so much faster. The right time clock software is truly a miracle worker, and regardless of which one you end up choosing, here are a few of the advantages.

  1. They Provide You with Mobile Access

Mobile apps are great because both employees and employers can access the software on their mobile phones and enter information, update their accounts, and even clock out if they forgot to do so earlier. With the tap of a finger, you can do just about anything on a mobile app that you can on your computer or tablet. Mobile access is yet another reason this software is so convenient, and it’s a feature that is especially useful for employees and managers on the go.

  1. They Make Each Shift a Lot Easier to Document

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing the right time clock software is that each task is done efficiently and quickly, including clocking in and out, viewing how many people worked a certain shift, communicating time shifts to everyone, and so much more. With this software, everything about every single shift is detailed so that managers and supervisors always know where people stand. Anytime you need to view any of the information, you can do so with the click of a mouse.

  1. They Make Payroll Functions Easier

The same software that accommodates employees’ time clocks also provides excellent payroll services. Most of them allow you to coordinate time sheets with payroll so that the information is automatically there after a certain date. When you manually enter time and attendance details, you are much more likely to make errors, but the same cannot be said for software that takes care of time and attendance.

  1. They Provide Certain Tools Useful for Project Management

It is much easier to manage a project when you have the right software, and this package can do things such as scheduling regular shifts and breaks, assigning certain tasks to specific individuals, managing project reports, managing and creating everyone’s schedule, and even tracking the progress of a certain job by looking at all of the details of that job online. This can be very advantageous when you wish to see a certain type of information at the spur of the moment.

  1. They Can Provide GPS and Geofencing Capabilities

The right time clock software can provide you with a GPS system and geofencing capabilities. Thanks to this feature, you can schedule employees who are spread out in many different locations, making it the perfect feature for international companies that have employees all over the world. The software allows you to do everything for these employees that you can with the employees who work in your building without them having to be physically in that location.

  1. You Can Personalize the Features

Most software that deals with employees clocking in and out has tons of useful features that can make your life a whole lot easier, but you don’t have to confuse yourself by attempting to use all of them. Most of the software allows you to personalize your experience so you can enjoy the convenience of the features that help you do your job better without having to learn how to use features that you’ll likely never use in the future. This is a very efficient way to use this type of software.


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