Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records have revolutionized healthcare. They allow doctors and other health personnel to communicate information within and outside healthcare centers in just a few clicks. Yet, there is a lot of resistance associated with this transition. Nonetheless, the advantages of making the switch are enormous. For this reason, educating practitioners on how to use these practices is essential. If you are interested in learning how to do it, below are 5 tips for effective education about electronic health records.

Limit Training Scope

Most health workers work long hours. Many barely have enough time for themselves and family. In this case, it is a mistake for an employer to expose their workers to a lot of new and complex information and instructions at once. Doing this will overburden many workers and prevent them from understanding the system. Instead of doing this, you should consider training individuals just on the aspects of the new system they need for their work.

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Train Super Users

Some workers must be designated as super users. Therefore, these individuals will have permission to explore all aspects of the system. The best people to assign these privileges are tech-savvy individuals. Once trained, these individuals can assist other workers in navigating their electronic health records system.

To select the best super users, you should consider people with the following characteristics.

  • Ability to understand new concepts.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Willingness to help others.
  • Professional e

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Train Computer Literate Workers

After training your super users, you will also want to guide other employees. To achieve this, you must train workers most comfortable working with computers. Doing this is easy as many of these workers will quickly understand how to use and navigate within specific sections of an electronic health record system. If you are lucky, you may have a few with prior knowledge of how to use healthcare records systems.

Utilize the Resources and Tools of an Electronic Health Records Vendor

Each service provider may provide a different set of resources and tools to you during or after the software setup. Some instructions may even be in a foreign language, so you should choose designated workers who know the language to work with them. Many of these details are overlooked by administrators. However, there are a lot of benefits involved in reading how to operate electronic health records. In particular, access to such content is invaluable since there are limitations to the number of training that can be done.

Gather Feedback

Training workers is not always enough. After a course, you will want to know if your workers understand what they need to do. It is essential to know if they have further questions. You can get this information and more by gathering feedback. Armed with the feedback, you may collaborate with your service provider to provide better training.


This article presents 5 tips for effective education relating to electronic health records. To start, you should limit the training scope and identify super users. Next, you should train competent, computer-literate workers while encouraging the utilization of available reading resources. Finally, gather feedback to improve overall training. Follow these guidelines, and your education about electronic health records will go smoothly.

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