Cybersecurity is a Good Career Choice

Professionals in cybersecurity, such as information security experts, defend companies, governments, and individuals from online criminal activity. Computer experts with cybersecurity expertise are in high demand with the increasing growth of the internet in industry. The demand for information security analysts will rise by 18 percent over the next seven years. This means anyone with the right skills will have many career opportunities and so cybersecurity is a good career choice.

While job security is a great reward, listed below are a few reasons why cybersecurity is a good career choice

Sky-high Salaries

Thanks to the increasing demand for talent, cybersecurity is a good career choice and one of the highest paying industries. In 2018, the average salary increased to £ 72,500 by 16 percent, with senior appointments reaching nearly £200,000. There is also a surge in the contract industry, with prices beginning at £250 a day and rising to £1,500. Cybersecurity is a good career choice in terms of salaries and vivid opportunities.

Exciting Career Development Opportunities

Cybersecurity provides professionals with diverse experiences and a wide variety of opportunities. Entry-level IT positions that pave the way for a cybersecurity career include systems administrator, web developer, and IT technician. Common career paths include being a security architect, security consultant, penetration tester, or chief security information officer (CISO).

Great Sense of Job Satisfaction

The cybersecurity landscape is continually changing, leading to new challenges in need of solutions. And businesses are willing to invest in people who can support them. As a cybersecurity professional, one can continuously learn and work with companies that want education and development to be continuous.

The World is your Oyster

There will be a range of prospects open to cybersecurity professionals in many industries worldwide. As they will have highly transferable skills that businesses need and so cybersecurity is a good career choice. While the digital world continues to grow, and more companies become technologically based, the need for information security increases. As a cybersecurity specialist, one can work in retail, banking, and finance or the media with technology companies.

There’s Something for Everyone

To work in cybersecurity, you don’t have to be an expert in technology. Alternative career paths include threat intelligence, legal & regulatory enforcement, market analysis, recruiting, and technology-focused roles. Cybersecurity is a good career choice regardless of where the professionals work, and they are rarely bored.


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