DynaQuest is an award-winning Philippines-based IT & blockchain solutions provider that delivers customized and flexible solutions across the industries of enterprise, fintech, health tech, insurtech, and commerce. The company focuses on the deployment of solutions that help businesses improve their efficiency, IT capabilities, security, and risk management through technical outsourcing and specialized recruitment of dedicated virtual specialists to help enterprises. Founded in 2012, DynaQuest has focused on emerging technologies as its innovation in the delivery of solutions. The company eventually focused on the design, engineering, and deployment of blockchain and decentralized economies in helping businesses navigate the transformation, finding value, discover new opportunities, and define innovation amidst the disruption. DynaQuest was established with the vision of being able to provide specialized, flexible, and quick-to-scale solutions for businesses in North America and Europe.

DynaQuest is one of the 50 most Admired Companies to watch. In hindsight, 2020 was a year of unprecedented disruption and 2021 is the year of pivotal strategies to reinvigorate the business and the evolved landscape is a challenging task to navigate as flexible processes must be utilized, optimized, and constantly be re-evaluated for business continuity. There are challenges on communication, keeping the business process agile and responsive as much as possible with environmental factors. Both businesses and clients are facing new challenges in the remote and mobile working landscape. “From last year and towards today, I have learned that relevance is a product of understanding the evolved market with a keen insight on how it is evolving and what will eventually change,” says Randy M. Knutson, Founder & CEO, DynaQuest Technology Services. The company invests thoroughly in research and development, participates in executive technology & business forums to feel the pulse, and gains an understanding of the business leaders’ outlooks for the next few years. Then it deploys an agile prototype methodology to retrofit and re-spec our solutions to answer both business and marketplace needs.

Blockchain continues to evolve and redefine business processes ever since it came into the business limelight. DynaQuest is now years away from the “How and Wow” state where Blockchain was a galvanizing concept. The company is in the state of “Here and Now” with Blockchain where providers, innovators, and adapters are now deploying Blockchain to redesign business processes and it believes to have just barely scratched the surface as Blockchain will reinvigorate the global economy to an unprecedented age of value creation. Since 2018, DynaQuest has focused on the design and development of a Blockchain integration/solutions framework to help businesses navigate the steep learning curve of Blockchain transformation. The company infuses knowledgebase, technical structure, network engineering, and change management into their R&D departments to make the Blockchain solution – be sustainable in the long run. These significant offerings help our clients in a better way.


DynaQuest has identified major opportunities in the healthcare, insurance, finance, and enterprise markets for Blockchain integration and solutions. Since 2018, it has worked with businesses in those industries from exploration to designing a Blockchain stack and environment that catalyzes their eventual transformation. It is also working with private groups focused on sustainable development as are tasked to design the Blockchain stack and ecology to link up Indigenous agriculture and the food supply chain in the Caraga region in the Philippines. As Blockchain is continuously pushing the envelope for businesses, the technology is now seen as an economic transformation platform and DynaQuest, as a company, has also explored its economic use case by developing a sustainable Blockchain solutions framework that aims to unify and connect Blockchain-powered verticals such as procurement, production, manufacturing, and the supply chain. The goal is to launch a Blockchain economic framework and a governance framework based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) by the second half of 2022.

When a business decides to take the leap and adopt technologies such as Blockchain, it is a strategic effort in which a clear business advantage was defined prior. As for the integration and solutions framework dealing with Blockchain, DynaQuest introduced several strategies into the project. First is the overall business strategy on why and how Blockchain will benefit the business and how it will help improve future market competence. Next is the change management strategy in preparing the company for the paradigm change needed to accommodate and thrive with Blockchain. This includes redefining the overall business process, department roles, and new tech governance principles for the IT department. Last, it also makes a plot point in defining a strategy to keep the innovation fuel pumping as Blockchain is not the means to an end, instead, it is a new journey where new strategies and new commercial scaling capabilities are needed to further push the business towards the evolving Blockchain landscape. There are many and emerging Blockchain solutions providers currently and into the future. DynaQuest makes the Blockchain transformation journey an immersive experience where it aims to introduce an innovative Blockchain-centric culture alongside the integration of Blockchain into the existing business system. This creates a company culture that is conducive to innovation; therefore we not only transform the business, as we are also transforming their culture to launch their innovation processes in the future.

By offering customized and flexible solutions to our client’s business needs, DynaQuest aims to generate great value and be a catalyst for business growth. DynaQuest’s focus is to further develop our Blockchain products and solutions framework in making them more efficient, cost-effective and to better create a new value proposition for future clients. It believes that Blockchain will be an integral part of the global effort of business recovery and sustainability. The company envisions a business-to-business ecosystem built on more efficient and more seamless transactions to help push the Blockchain expectations towards the technology fulfilling its capability to uplift global GDP growth.


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