Top 5 AI Solution Providers of the Year 2023

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of business. Organizations are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence to streamline operations and improve production processes thus helping boost operational efficiency and revenue growth. As the space of artificial intelligence continues to evolve and expand, we are proud to celebrate the advances in AI technology that is transforming every facet of business today.


The current edition of The CEO Views brings to you the “Top 5 AI Solution Providers of the Year 2023”. The edition recognizes the leading companies who have been delivering true breakthrough AI solutions across sectors to improve human experience. Therefore, the listed companies provide an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and leaders to explore the realms of undiscovered competencies in a crowded artificial intelligence space.

Howcroft, CEO

SWARM Engineering is a Software-as-a-Service platform that combines generative and classic AI with data science to solve challenges in agrifood supply chain for big savings in time and money.

Rodrigo Liang,
Co-Founder &

SambaNova delivers the first full-stack generative AI platform to help organizations explore the universe, find cures for cancer and give companies access to insights for a competitive edge.

Bård Myrstad,

Simplifai pioneers AI-driven work processes to empower the future of workforce today.

Thomas Thayyil
Thomas, CEO

Teragonia is transforming the financial sponsor universe through cutting-edge data science and AI solutions.

Michael Amori,

Virtualitics is an advanced analytics company that helps enterprises and governments make smarter business decisions,
faster with their AI platform.

Top 5 SAP Project Delivery Services

SAP Project Delivery is a complex and multifaceted endeavor that requires robust technical skills, meticulous planning, strategic decision making and a commitment to continuous improvement. To stay competitive and harness real-time data insights for informed decision making, organizations are currently embarking on SAP projects, whether by starting from scratch or by prioritizing the right implementation partner.


The current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 5 SAP Project Delivery Services of the Year 2023”. The list recognizes the companies that have showcased boundless potential in delivering top-notch SAP solutions to help clients accelerate their business growth while achieving sustainable goals. Therefore, the listed companies have exceeded in fulfilling clients needs with SAP solutions and navigated success in SAP Delivery Project services.

Mike Rosenbloom,

Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider, focused on delivering superior, highly automated Managed Services to enterprise customers.

Colin Ridlin, CEO

Michael Management Corporation is a leading provider of SAP training and live SAP access to individuals and corporate teams.

Gary Jenn, MD

Inspired IT Group – Inspired IT Group is a leading provider of Enterprise Systems solutions and services offering an extensive product and service portfolio to revolutionize SAP Project Delivery.

Matt Stava, CEO

Spinnaker is the premier global provider of on-premise and cloud-based enterprise software support services.

Tony Whalen,

Vision33 Inc. helps companies grow through enterprise resource planning (ERP), automation, and integration solutions.