Top 30 Innovators of The Year 2022

Three of the best ways to bring innovation into the organization are giving your workers freedom, providing the resources needed to implement innovative ideas, and nourishing your workers’ creativity. These firms have practiced Innovation that needs to take place in every area of a company not just in research and development but also in showing their employees that they value them and their ideas is key to creating a culture of innovation. From creating new ideas or solutions for a company’s systems, products, services, or strategies, these firms have done Innovations that can be as small as creating a more effective system for sorting files or as large as patenting an entirely new product.


Thus, the current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Innovators of the year 2022”. The list highlights the companies in the world that have invested significant amounts of money into their research and development departments, ensuring that the creative minds in these areas have everything they need to make their ideas a reality setting an example for their peers in their industry.

Cástulo de la Rocha, President & CEO

AltaMed is one of the nation’s largest community health networks. For more than 45 years, the firm has provided care to patients in the diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Orange counties.

James Cooper, Director

Ascendant Communications is an excellent public relations and communication services firm that assists the organization with integrated B2B public relations and communications programmes to produce results that build brands, transform market perceptions, and drive

Carey O’Connor Kolaja, CEO

AU10TIX is an identity intelligence leader headquartered in Israel, and provides critical, modular solutions to link physical and digital identities so that companies and their customers can confidently connect.

Ben Koh, Founder & Managing Director

Coach Masters Academy is a professional training and Coaching Centre that has been approved by the International Coach Federation, a world-renowned organization.

Greg Simpson, CEO

Cuhaci Peterson is a Central Florida-based commercial design firm offering end-to-end solutions. The firm is licensed in 50 states, the firm offers architectural, design, engineering, and other services nationwide.

Dean Erhardt, President & CEO

D2 Solutions is a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm founded in 2008, that brings pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, pharmacies & support providers, and patients together. It is an approach they call, “The Point of Progress.”

Joseph Petrelli, President

Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm located in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1985, Demotech has been serving the insurance industry by providing accurate and proven Financial Stability Ratings.

Kristen Anderson, Co-Founder

Drake’s Organic Spirits launched in 2017 creates a new health & wellness category in the bev alc industry with a full line of sustainable, organic spirits.

Carl Dymond, CEO

Dymond Group of Companies is a Canadian, Veteran-owned, Indigenous-partnered business focused on providing advanced, sustainable solutions in order to maximize both its partners’ and clients’ safety and security.

Kimberly Carney, Founder & CEO

A B2B2C global platform connecting brands and consumers through real-time intelligence and critical customer feedback.

Dave Breith, Group CEO

The Firexo mission is to save lives and transform the firefighting industry around the globe. The firm has engineered a global game-changing liquid to extinguish all types of fire fast, with no chance of re-ignition.

Joe Altieri, CEO

FlexScreen is the world’s first and only flexible window screen that finally addresses and SOLVES all the things that people hate about traditional window screens.

Paul J. Scott, Founder

GoingClear is a digital agency for advertising services that power the growth of companies and brands by listening to and identifying the key challenges its clients face and solving them by delivering solutions.

Aleksandar Cabrilo, CEO

HTEC is a global consulting, software engineering, and digital product development company Group that was founded in 2008, and it empowers the world’s best hi-tech companies.

Hayder Ali, CEO

In2Networks Pty Ltd is an IT&T Company, that provides solutions and support to customers based in Australia, and the Middle East.

Ankur Ahlowalia, CEO

Korbyt Anywhere is an omnichannel communications platform that engages hybrid employees, students, guests, and retail customers.

James M. Tabacchi, President & CEO

Founded in 2000, Matrix is a financial service firm that offers a suite of collateral management, margining, and clearing systems for institutional fixed-income trading and equities securities lending.

Ernie Wallerstein Jr., CEO

MHT is an Online Assessment Platform that enables the Mental Health Industry to Objectively Improve a Patient’s Journey to Wellness.

Neil Mistry, Founder & CEO

MIS3 Inc. is the spark for both corporations and governments at all levels in helping them to reimagine their business through our business engineer.

Mike Bell, CEO

Miso Robotics is an automation machinery manufacturing firm that creates products that assist in the maintenance of operational order, and efficiency and encourage everything, including people, to be in the best place for success.

Henry Rodriguez, CEO

Municipal Claims Management Services has years of experience providing accurate, professional loss investigation that works to ensure fair and accurate claims resolution.

Craig Copley, CIO

Nice North America is one of the largest manufacturers of smart residential, commercial, and industrial solutions in the world, with seamless and easy-to-install technology.

Fritz Kreiss, CEO

OUS (Onsite Utility Services) Capital provides capital for energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor clean air purification and renewable energy projects throughout the United States.

Jerry Xiao, Founder

RdQCC is a smart medical devices solution firm that researches, develops, and consults product risk analysis for medical devices and complex projects.

Steve Zatz, CEO

Remedy Health Media is a firm that has a mission of empowering patients and caregivers with information and tools to efficiently navigate the healthcare landscape.

Scott Krueger, President

Salelytics is one of the nation’s leading providers of Inside Sales, Account Management & Inbound Support services.

Dave McComb, President

Founded in 2000, Semantic Arts is an IT-centric IT consulting firm, that has focused for 22 years on uncovering the meaning hidden in the complexity and opacity of traditional information systems.

Wolfgang Zulauf, CEO & Founder

SUISSE BANK offers private & corporate digital bank accounts, blockchain banking, and trade finance for its worldwide clients under the offshore license.

Kevin MacRitchie, CEO

Tactical Rehabilitation is a medical equipment manufacturing firm that provides a full-service DME company whose mission is to serve those who serve our country.

Craig O’Neill, CEO

Versapay is the first Collaborative Accounts Receivable Network, making billing and payments easier for enterprises, increasing efficiencies, accelerating cash flow, and dramatically improving the customer experience.