Digital Transformation Magazines

Digital transformation is the incorporation into all aspects of a market of digital technologies, radically transforming how one works and provides value to clients. It is also a cultural transition that requires organizations to challenge the status quo on an ongoing basis, experiment, and be comfortable with failure. Digital Transformation magazines and blogs publish articles and recent updates on digitalization and how it helps businesses.

For all businesses, from small to business, digital transformation is crucial. Digitalization is crucial to business survival, not only because of the vitality; it provides a company by growing its operational efficiency, but because of its ability to proactively allow a company to act by making the right decision.

Listed below are a few Digital Transformation Magazines and Blogs to Follow

  1. Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist Magazine is the online portal for everything one needs to know to lead an enterprise’s digital transformation.

  1. Digital Transformation Wipro Digital

Wipro Digital is a digital transformation partner that is innovation-led. It focuses on the things that matter, such as awareness, communication, integration, and creativity on digital transformation.

  1. Fingent Blog Digital Transformation

Fingent is a reputable software development company with more than 150 clients, including start-up clients, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies.

  1. ThinkGig | Digital Transformation Magazine

ThinkGig provides up-to-date information on Digital Transformation with industry news and trends.

  1. ScienceSoft | Digital Transformation Blogs

ScienceSoft frequently shares insights about how to accelerate digital transformation in large and small businesses, align IT with real business needs, access and manage risks of digital transformation, and generate new business minds powered by IT.

  1. WalkMe Blog – Top Digital Transformation Articles

The WalkMe Team presents the top posts on Digital Transformation, and the meaning of digital transformation and news one can follow.

  1. The Enterprisers Project – Digital Transformation

The Enterprisers Project is an online publication and forum focused on linking the ‘who, what, and how’ of IT-driven business innovation to CIOs and senior IT leaders.

  1. Happiest Minds

By offering seamless customer experience, business productivity, and actionable insights through an interconnected range of disruptive technologies, Happiest Minds enables Digital Transformation for businesses and technology providers.

  1. PROS Global Inc.

PROS has over 20 years of experience in business software technology solutions, including digital transformation, IoT, cybersecurity, 5G, and more.

  1. Digital Prism Advisors – Digital Transformation Blog

Digital Prism Advisors is a digital transformation consultant that allows businesses and nonprofits to succeed in the digital economy.

  1. Digital Transformation

It is a digital transformation magazine and disruption blog covering digital business strategy, individuals, procedures, clients, content, measurement, and technology.

  1. Convedo

Convedo specializes in Digital Transformation through Intelligent Automation, is the best digital & business process automation company in the EMEA area.

  1. Techwave

The digital transformation blog of Techwave covers the trendy subjects of emerging technologies such as big data, IoT, SAP and cloud technology services, etc.

Business owners’ must-read digital transformation magazines and blogs to remain updated about the latest trends. It will also help them to stay ahead of their competitors.


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