Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies 2021

Changing times call for quick and dynamic actions. The fast and continually changing technology landscape is compelling organizations to fail fast and adapt to the advancing age. Organizations also need to look at profitability, revenue generation which may compel them to change their agendas and short-term goals in view of having a healthy run at the marketplace. The current pandemic has exerted incessant pressure on organizations to perform well amid current recessive economic situation. Organizations who are consistently churning out innovative products and solutions and those who have maintained a healthy reputation among their clients, need to constantly change their thinking hat to not rest on their laurels and stand firm to prove their mettle as a bankable and worthy asset to their clients and stakeholders.


Thus, the current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 10 Trustworthy Companies of the year 2021”. The list highlights some of the top Innovative and well-regarded companies who have not only embraced but have also taken conscious measures drive the aforementioned and are also in tune with the changing shift. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations to find the best companies that will help them accomplish their projects.

Bill Mrzlak, Founder & President

A provider of comprehensive Supply Chain consulting services and solutions.

James Owens, CEO & President

A provider of employment screening solutions for large enterprises.

Citic Telecom CPC

Frank Cai, CEO

A provider of the highest level managed services and products in the security, and cloud space.

Katie Lau, CEO

A medical group practice located in Austell, GA that specializes in Hospice & Palliative Medicine.


Ofer Israeli, CEO & Founder

A provider of cybersecurity, threat defense and detection, ransomware protection and vulnerability management services.

John Proctor, President & CEO

A provider of digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions helping enterprises gain insight into the user experience.

Alex Zwyer, CEO & Co-Founder

Specializes in the discovery and development of life- improving drug therapies to treat rare and complex CNS disorders.


Susumu Matsuda, Division Director of IT Division

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Farhad Reyazat, CEO & Founder

A SaaS company and a provider of cloud accounting and cloud CRM solution and services.

Chuck McDowell, CEO

A consumer rights firm specializing in timeshare cancellation and timeshare debt elimination to individuals and families.