The Most Influential IoT Solution Providers 2018

The permeation of IoT may have gone unknown for many individuals, but it has touched every part of our lives both actively and passively. A lot more is happening in terms of making IoT devices self-learnable and also be able to interact with each other independently to accomplish certain tasks. This can happen when there is more data collection from IoT devices, the more data they collect, the more smarter they become. The past year, there was an exponential proliferation of IoT devices, from millions to billions in a single year alone is immense. IoT devices have now found themselves exclusive stalls and stores.


While one of the more evident ones remain to be the security of IoT devices given their unstoppable increase in numbers. Data integrity too will pose a huge challenge with the huge data bombardment coming in from various sources. While the calibration of IoT sensors could help tackle the challenge, the task still remains to bifurcate precise – actionable info from unwanted characters. Federal regulations will also intensify given the origination of such devices from varied sources.


The CEO Views, by following all the relevant and the imminent trends and the potential such an approach can bring has identified few of them who are not only demonstrating and driving such methods and approach continually, but are also helping organizations be relevant, and competitive while also putting relentless efforts to devise new solutions while being adoptive of innovative strategies. Below is the list of the “Top 10 IoT Firms of 2018″


Peter Hunt


A provider of consulting solutions specializing in the designing and deployment of IoT based solutions

CCP Technologies

Michael White


A provider of hardware, firmware and software development services specializing in IoT product development and product management


Linoj K.George


A provider of wireless communication and embedded system solutions with the mission of continuous improvement of products through smart devices.


Dr. Haim Amir

Founder & CEO

A provider of business solutions enabling firms on the development and deployment of IoT devices within various industry verticals


David Ofer

Vice President

ITrust specializes in providing secure embedded systems and IoT security solutions for Aerospace, Defense, Healthcare and Telecommunication sectors


Denny Dong


LifeSmart leverages the advantage of IoT coupled with AI in delivering global solutions

LX Group

Adam Schindhelm


LX is building the next gen intelligent products catering customers with new and innovative IoT strategies and platforms


Dinesh Malkani

Founder & CEO

A provider of smart building management system leveraging state-of-the-art AI and IoT platforms


Stephen Ho

Group COO

SkyLab provides critical IoT data logistic solutions enabling actions on asset optimisation and resource management


Santosh Raktawan

Managing Director

Softdel specializes in the designing and development of IoT integration solutions encompassing advanced controls, connectivity and digital transformation technologies