M-commerce Trends in 2020

Online (and offline) business owners are currently very interested in understanding and exploring mobile commerce’s potential. It is often referred to as m-commerce. According to experts, mobile commerce will expand to a 250-billionth market by the end of 2020. It is estimated that around 4.77 billion individuals will use smartphones to make mobile purchases by the end of this year. It’s time to get acquainted with the latest m-commerce trends in 2020 if you are an online store owner. It is necessary to prepare for a serious breakthrough.

“Retailers not only make their choices for mobile devices in favor of adaptively designed “display cases. They are working to develop solutions that meet the demands of different screens and operating systems. The field of e-commerce has gone beyond offering convenient transactions; it is now about providing users with an exceptional experience. It now turns out that creating a mobile app is a crucial solution for delivering a comprehensive experience in m-commerce. It is not just support for a website that is working.

So what are the m-commerce trends in 2020? Let’s try to contemplate:

  1. Smart Coupons

We know what the location of a mobile device is, thanks to GPS technology. However, we will see a completely different level of interaction alongside the achievements in augmented reality and wearable technologies fields. It is possible to see brand information by merely pointing at the phone. When you point your phone to a store or cafe, all coupons, special offers, discounts, promotions, menus, and prices will be visible. Smart coupons are one of the growing m-commerce trends in 2020.

  1. Versatile Features for Buyers

It has become possible today not to spend a single minute standing idle in line for your time. Retailers provide many different shopping features for clients. Some offer an online home delivery purchase; some are on the go. Some warn the customer about an excellent time to visit so that you can avoid long lines. Retail giants like Amazon offer Fast Track delivery, which is fast and traceable with drones’ help. The Just Walk Out service is also beginning to function. It allows customers to use their phones to scan their purchases and pay on the go.

  1. One-touch Shopping

Retailers are beginning to implement the one-touch purchase feature this year and are developing quick checkout solutions. With just one click, this technology will allow customers to choose a product and complete a transaction in their favorite online store. This gives the seller the chance to convert any media element (picture or video) into a shopping catalog, in reality. For example, on Instagram, it will be possible to place tags on products in published photos.

  1. Communication with the Store

Due to the enormous number of options offered in the online store, customers get confused or lost. Issues arise with both products and related services. Often, they refuse to buy when there is such a problem that the buyer cannot quickly solve independently. Statistics say that, for various reasons, the number of such ‘unredeemed baskets’ is 76.8%. Companies try to deal with this issue by devising ways to interact with the store conveniently.

  1. Support for NFC payments

Two devices, a telephone, and a payment terminal can communicate at a distance of about 10cms through Near Field Communication (NFC). These are contactless payments, and it one of the growing m-commerce trends of 2020. It is only necessary for the buyer to synchronizes the payment card with the terminal on a mobile device. The phone functions as a payment device, and this payment method is becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Voice Control Technology

The best examples of voice control technology by far are Google’s Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Its use can significantly enhance a potential buyer’s search experience. One of the perspectives of this trend is that it is learning for these mobile digital assistants. They collect data and will be able to make purchases (or individual procedures) instead of the user later. It is one of the most valuable m-commerce trends of 2020.

  1. Feedback Messages

Many buyers were skeptical when online payments just appeared. And so far, after filling in the payment data, many are concerned about whether the payment has passed. If the application sends a message to the user that the transaction was successful, the client will be calm. They know that their money has reached its destination.


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